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Mac Cosmetics - Took my daughter to Mac to use her Christmas gift card....

Christmas morning is a thrill for everyone. Child race to see what Santa brought and adults enjoy the family fun and festive mood, along with a gift or two. But that holiday magic can be short lived if you wind up with a bad present. Granted some presents you can simply donate to others who may enjoy them, but there are always a few that seem great, but wind up a hot mess.

No Gift Cards Here

One mother bought her daughter a gift card to an expensive cosmetics store. She knew this was what her daughter wanted, and was willing to endure the torture of being in the tiny store with dozens of others looking at make-up and standing in long lines. Finally, when the mother daughter duo made it to the counter, the daughter pulled out her gift card ready to pay.

It turns out that the expensive make-up store doesn’t actually take company gift cards. You can only use the gift card is select locations or online. Beyond frustrated by the store’s ridiculous policy to not take its own gift cards and her poor daughter’s dismay, the irate mother paid for the cosmetics herself just to get out of the store and into fresh air again. Needless to say it wasn’t a very magical experience for anyone.

Wrong Size. No Returns.

One man ordered a fun and expensive coat for his girlfriend to open on Christmas morning. His girl wears a large, and he checked to be sure he was ordering a jacket large enough to accommodate her busty figure. When the coat arrived, however, he realized he shouldn’t have bothered.

The coat was absolutely tiny. The arms were too narrow for a professional model to wear comfortably, and models aren’t known for wearing a large. The jacket was obviously not the right size and there was no way it was going to work for Christmas.

Frustrated the customer called up the online store and asked how to return the jacket. Imagine his surprise when he was told there were no returns at all. The store sent him the wrong size, but they wouldn’t take the coat back. It wasn’t like he changed his mind on the color – the coat was two sizes too small, but apparently there is nothing he can do about it other than gnash his teeth a bit and buy something else.

Stolen Technology

Ever wonder where phones wind up when they are lost or stolen? Apparently they wind up being sold as a free and clear phone only to be cut off randomly months later. One man bought his wife and mother-in-law expensive iPhones for Christmas. He was comfortable with a previously used version of the phone, so he bought the phones through a larger well-known online retailer.

This is a man who did his homework. He confirmed that the store checks the phone and confirmed the return and warranty procedures. When the phones arrived they were in perfect condition. He presented the phones, got the phones hooked up through a cell phone provider and everything was great for almost a full year.

Eleven months after giving the phones as a gift, his mother-in-law’s phone went dead. Nothing she could do would turn the phone on again or make it work. It turns out the phone wasn’t as free and clear as it had been billed as being. A mobile phone service still owned the phone. The previous owner was making payments on it, but when he stopped paying, the phone stopped working. It turns out the new owner had paid $200 for a very nice Christmas gift that wasn’t his to give. That’s a very expensive rental and even more expensive lesson learned.