Breyers Ice Cream - Bad taste of Breyers Frozen Dairy Dessert just won't go away

Breyers Ice Cream - CHANGE IS BAD!

Breyers Ice Cream - Review about Ice Cream Taste from Shreveport, Louisiana

You can’t get away with very much when your business is ice cream. One company learned this the hard way when they changed their recipe after decades of making ice cream in a simple, perfect way. Not, they make a “frozen dairy dessert” that has almost nothing in common with the original ice cream except perhaps temperature. They are both cold, but only one was met with a warm reception.

The Original Recipe

For years this ice cream company sold its products on pure ingredients. The ingredients were, in fact, pure. Sugar and cream were the primary elements with a few other natural items thrown in for flavor. The product was one that tasted quite a bit like the homemade ice cream you might make on the porch on a summer night. All told, the company had a solid brand, a great flavor and a very dedicated fan base.

The Recipe Change

So it should be no surprise at all that when the company decided to dramatically change the recipe for its ice cream, that loyal fan base stopped being quite so loyal. As it turns out the folks who enjoyed natural ice cream weren’t as big a fan for the highly processed ingredients in the all new “frozen dairy dessert.”

In fact they have taken to the internet to explain exactly how little they care for the new recipe. One pissed consumer called the new concoction “THE most disgusting taste I have ever had the misfortune to endure.” Apparently the new dessert tastes worse than dish soap. That’s really saying something.

Begging and Pleading

While some customers are irritated with the recipe change, others just seem baffled and are pleading for the company to make a change. They want to go back to natural ingredients. They want real sugar, not high fructose corn syrup. They want real cream, not “dairy elements.”

Unfortunately it’s unlikely that this begging and pleading will actually pay off.

The ice cream company has new owners and the new owners have brought in the new recipe. Looking at the list of ingredients, it would appear that most of the change has to do with the bottom line of the ice cream maker, not the ice cream itself. Cheap products means a bigger profit, but the company may have goofed on this one. Cheap ice cream tastes like cheap “frozen dairy dessert.” And when customers quit buying your cheap dessert, the bottom line disappears completely.