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A timeshare always sounds like a good idea in the sales pitch. But then that’s the purpose of the sales pitch – to make something not very desirable sound fabulous! Fortunately for the sales people – and unfortunately for those who wind up in a time share trap – there is a lot that does sound good about a timeshare.

You get an easy vacation every year – maybe even every month. You can travel to any of the hotels or resorts the company owns. You can book your stay just about any time. What a great deal!

But then the other shoe drops and you realize, usually once you’ve signed on the dotted line, that the deal isn’t really all it sounds like it could be.

The Trouble with Timeshare

In general there is nothing wrong with a timeshare if it is done on the up and up. When you buy a timeshare you are a partial owner in a building or resort with a guaranteed amount of time in the resort or hotel.

You might buy a week or two’s worth of time in a hotel along with dozens of other people. In this way you’re sharing the costs of the building and splitting the maintenance fees. That’s when things go right.

When things go wrong, you wind up footing the bill for a management company who will do just about everything in their power to be sure you never take advantage of what you’re paying for. When you factor in the initial purchase price and the ongoing maintenance charges, you can easily be spending thousands of dollars per year.

Of course you’re supposed to be getting a great vacation option out of the deal, but often when you call to book the travel you discover that you can’t seem to find a date you’re allowed to use your points or your designated time. Nothing is available and nobody seems very interested in helping you find an opening.

A False Bill of Goods

Even worse, when you finally arrive at the resort, it may not be all it was promised to be. You’re paying thousands of dollars per year for a luxury resort. The room you’re given when you arrive is shoddy at best and nowhere near “luxury.” The room you reserved is suddenly no longer available and now you’re stuck in possibly the worst room in the place.

A solid investment? Quite the opposite in fact.

The most insulting of all is how challenging it is to get rid of a timeshare. Once the sales force has hooked you, it’s seemingly impossible to break ties or sell the share back. Many frustrated owners wind up with lawyers and additional costs just to break ties with the timeshare company and ensure that they actually stay broken!

It’s enough to make you lose sleep at night, and that is certainly not worth paying for.