Buyer beware: Mattress firm will sell used bed as "floor model"

Mattress Firm of Las Cruces use shady sales practices

mattress firm misrepresentation!

Buying the right mattress can be huge when it comes to enjoying your rest and waking up refreshed. A good mattress can last you well over a decade, especially with careful maintenance, so it’s no wonder that so many mattresses cost an arm and a leg.

If you don’t have thousands of dollars laying around to spend on a new mattress, you’ve probably seen many of the deals advertised by discount mattress chains. These deals are definitely tempting! Why spend thousands when you can buy a new mattress for hundreds? It seems like such a great deal…until you realize you’ve been had.

The False Warranty

Many mattresses come with a warranty – especially the expensive ones. Many other mattress companies encourage you to buy a warranty with your purchase to be sure that you’re comfortable on your new bed. In some cases a warranty can be a very good idea. If, for example, you’re a delicate sleeper and your mattress loses firmness or sags over time, you can use your warranty to have the bed returned or replaced.

Imagine one man’s surprise when he realized his warranty wasn’t what he thought it was. He decided that two years into a new mattress that he was going to need to put his three year warranty to work to return the bed. It was sagging and not the mattress he paid big bucks for.

When he called the store, however, he learned that he did indeed pay for a three year warranty on his mattress. What was sold to him, however, wasn’t a three year warranty. His warranty was good for 90 days. Always check the paperwork before you write the check!

The “Floor Model”

Another common problem with great deals is that they aren’t exactly what you are expecting. A floor model is a new bed that has sat on the showroom floor. People might have tested it out, but nobody has sweated or slept in the bed overnight. It’s never been in a home with cats or dogs or toddlers who wet the bed.

A returned bed, on the other hand, has most certainly lived somewhere other than the showroom floor. The returned bed can contain just about anything accumulated in a person’s home over days or even months. Unfortunately the sales people at the mattress store know that nobody wants to buy a used bed. The same customers don’t mind buying a “floor model” however, so they often sell the used beds as discounted floor models.

In cases like this it is very much buyer’s beware!