Dollar Rent A Car - Mislead into ridiculous insurance charges

Dollar Rent A Car - Review about Rental Car Insurance

Dollar Rent A Car - Excessive Admin Fee's !!

Traveling is a mixture of excitement and resentment at times. You’re excited to arrive in a new place, ready to explore and have a good time, but you have to make it through some irritations before the fun can begin. The worst of these – outside of the typical airline issues – are rental cars.

The Fun of a New Ride

Renting a car can be terrific if you enjoy driving new vehicles and trying out new things. But if you’re caught in a scuffle about damage to the vehicle, hidden upgrades and ridiculous fees, it’s very hard to enjoy yourself on your vacation. You’re much too busy dealing with the drama of your transportation.

When you first arrange your rental car, you select the vehicle you’d like and the insurance you’d like to go with it. Some people opt out of insurance and others feel the insurance is a good call. Along with insurance choices, you may be asked to choose whether or not you’ll arrange for a toll tag. Toll roads are increasing in use around the country, and by opting out of toll tags, you’re running the risk of accidentally getting charged.

Once you’ve made your selections, you’re off to go in your new rental car – ready to explore and have an adventure!

The High Price of Renting a Car

Of course the fun only lasts as long as you’re driving and exploring. Once you go to turn the car into the rental company, you’re often faced with unexpected charges. You might discover that the insurance you didn’t ask for what charged to your credit card anyhow. You might learn that the tire you bought to keep your vehicle on the road isn’t going to be reimbursed by the company.

Best of all, you might be at home weeks after returning your rental car and learn that the single toll you went through – the one that cost less than a dollar on an EZ tag – is actually going to cost you almost $26. That’s less than a dollar for a toll and $25 for the fee for using the EZ tag that’s actually in the car.

While the car company might offer you a “flat rate” on your rental car, there are often hidden charges and fees that accumulate without your knowledge. Never skip a walkthrough on a vehicle because you might be charged for damage you didn’t cause. Never take a toll road if you can’t pay the tolls in cash. And most importantly, never rent a car from a company that makes customers so angry that review their many negative experiences online.