Planet Fitness steals & lies to its clients!!

Planet Fitness - Awful

Every one of us has decided to be healthier at some point. Eat better foods. Exercise. Maybe get a gym membership. But as most of us know, sticking to the plan can be pretty challenging. Even with a gym membership, actually making it to the gym to workout becomes less of a priority and soon you’re dealing with a gym membership you aren’t using. So the logical thing at that point is to simply cancel your gym membership. Unfortunately there is nothing simple about it.

The Contract Simply States…Nothing

Gym memberships often require a contract for a set time, usually one year. When you initially sign up for the membership this is less of a concern because you’re quite convinced that you’re going to use the membership daily – you’re getting healthy!

But then things happen. You wind up with a hurt back and unexpected surgery. You move to a new city with a new job. Your company installs an in-house gym. You realize that you only have twenty-four hours in a day instead of twenty-five. Life happens and you’re stuck with a gym membership you don’t need and, in some cases, can’t afford.

So you decide to cancel. You dig for your contract to find the specifics and the legalese makes it a challenge to figure out exactly what you need to do. There’s nothing simply stated here to help you. All you know is that there is something about cancellation, so that’s encouraging. You decide to call the gym to get help with the cancellation.

Gym Memberships Going Nowhere

Unfortunately when you call, you get some bad news. It turns out you have to wait the length of your contract before you are off the hook for payments. You had expected something of this nature, so you aren’t shocked. You confirm with the customer service representative that your membership will be automatically stopped when the contract is up. He assures you that there is no automatic renewal.

It turns out he lied.

Three months later you’re still being charged. You’re not the only one. Another would-be-former member of the gym called to cancel and was told he had to send in a certified letter to stop his membership –even after the year of his contract was up. It was either go through significant hassles at the post office or drive back to a town he moved from and cancel from there.

Ultimately it turns out that going through your bank to simply block payments after trying everything else is the only solution that works. If this is the route you wind up taking, don’t be surprised to learn that your bank already knows your situation. Apparently this is a common situation with some gyms – common enough that bank officers sympathize with you, even if the gym employees do not.