Vizio TV E550i-A0 Cracked Screen from Poor Quality Control

Vizio E47v1vle 47"

Do not buy Vizio.....Buyer beware !!!!!!

Sometimes we splurge on something special for ourselves. Sometimes we wind up regretting it. Buying a new television set is expensive. The TV prices can range from just a couple of hundred dollars well into the thousands for a larger model. At least when you buy that big, new television, you can count on it lasting for a long time – letting you enjoy that big splurge for quite some time.

But sometimes the reality doesn’t exactly live up the dream.

TV Screen Cracking

Imagine the surprise of one couple when they sat down to watch a show together on their relatively new television. Only 9 months after buying their new large television set, a couple sat down to watch a show together and got a big surprise – a giant crack in the screen of their television. Nothing had happened to the television prior to the crack – they simply changed the channel and the crack appeared.

This couple are not the only ones dealing with a television problem. Another man bought his television and experienced an internal crack shortly after buying it. Still another treated his television with kid gloves – and his stopped working completely. That’s a lot of money down the drain if the television can’t be fixed or replaced.

No Repairs, No Refunds

Of course the next step for the frustrated owners of broken televisions is to call the company to see about a warranty or replacement. After all, no television should spontaneously break after just nine months. While waiting on a response, one woman realized that she was probably out of luck when she discovered thousands of other reviews online explaining the same exact problem.

Armed with this new knowledge she wasn’t surprised when the television company came back and told her that the problem wasn’t with the television – it was something she had done. Apparently the television company decided that something hit the television and broke the screen. And since it was the owner’s alleged error, the company was off the hook for any repairs or replacements.

Another man who tried to get his television repaired had slightly better luck. He was told that the television could be repaired by a local repair service. All he had to do was pay about $330 upfront and they would be right out to look at the problem. The sad truth of the matter is that the gentleman could easily buy a new television for the same price as the upfront deposit on the repairs.

And that’s exactly what he decided to do. His broken television ended up with the many others from this company with the same problem. Thousands of televisions. Thousands of dollars. All of it, in the trash.