Suddenlink - Review about Poor Internet Service from Canyon, Texas

Suddenlink - constant outages

Suddenlink - Disappoint Abounds..Bitter Departure

A pure market fixes a lot of issues. When there are companies competing for your business, you can often work out fair prices, low offers and round up some service technicians when you need them. But when a company is a monopoly, there isn’t much they don’t get away with – and there’s not much you can do about it.

Cable Service Issues

Cable companies offer HD services and high speed internet Sometimes it seems as though they offer these services whether they can deliver them or not. There is nothing more frustrating than paying for high speed internet only to realize your internet isn’t much better than a dial-up modem would be. To top it off, that not-so-high-speed internet only seems to work when it feels like working.

Cable that cuts in and out frequently is beyond frustrating. Internet that does the same can actually damage small businesses with a loss of connectivity. To add insult to injury, when you call the company to check on the outage, more often than not, you’re told that there is no outage in your area!

The Cable Tech

So you call in the cable technician to fix the problem. Unfortunately there are three things you’ll have to deal with now. The first is the cable technician may have absolutely no idea what the problem is. He’ll blunder around a bit, try some new wires, admit defeat and head out. The second problem comes in the mail – the bill. How is it that a cable guy who didn’t fix the problem costs so much? And the problem certainly isn’t on your end – it’s the company’s!

Finally, your third problem: Even if the cable tech is as nice as he can be, he can’t help you a bit when the company refuses to resolve things back at headquarters. Then you’re both awkwardly embarrassed because he’d like to help, you want him to help, but the company he works for is making that impossible.

Make the Switch

When you just can’t handle the erratic billing, the ambiguous late fees and the poor customer service, it’s time to cancel. If you can. In many areas, you’re stuck with the service you’re getting if you want internet and cable. For some pissed consumers, this is the biggest thorn of all – there is absolutely nothing they can do to change the circumstances they are in.

In others you have a choice at least. And when you have a choice, make the choice to leave behind a frustrating situation. Of course, you’ll still have to make it through the gauntlet of customer service to make this happen. You may be laughed at. You may be told a lie. You may be offered the kind of poisoned deal that will only drive you crazy later. Power through it all and at the end, you’ll hopefully have the kind of cable deal you can actually enjoy with a new company.