Microsoft - Windows 8 Product is now invalid

Microsoft - I made the mistake of buying a laptop with Windows 8

Microsoft XP is being phased out, so you must purchase a new program

Sometimes a company owns just about everything in a particular market. Take computers, for example. When you buy a new computer, most of the time you are going to receive a Windows machine. This is great for Windows, but it’s not so great for the folks on the receiving end of things who aren’t very enthusiastic about the latest Windows platform.

Phasing Out Windows XP

Like so many forms of technology, Windows is gradually phasing out their old platforms and preparing for newer ones. One complaint on the blog is from a frustrated user who owns an older Windows machine. He has Windows XP which works well for him, but soon Microsoft is going to no longer support XP. They will only support Windows 8 and 8.1

This user is frustrated and upset that the company won’t stand behind its products, and he has a good point. Even if a few years have passed, company should still acknowledge that millions of computers are running their software. Of course, it remains to be seen just what Microsoft means when they say the will no longer support the software. Does that mean they won’t support the users at all? Or is it just a sign that there will be less updates and support over time?

Upgrading Software

Another Pissed Consumer user decided to go ahead and update a Windows 7 laptop with Windows 8 software. He went through all of the right steps to buy the software, to install and even make a back-up complete with security key.

Sadly his computer needed a reformat down the road. When he reformatted his machine, he learned that all was not quite as it should be. Rather than simply installing the software he purchased previously, the software kicked out a message that his security key was invalid – the same one he had received when he bought the software in the first place!

He spent hours on the phone talking to eight different customer service representatives to sort things out. Did it help? Not a bit. He finally gave up in frustration.

Windows 8 Hate

Finally, there are the many users who seem to just truly dislike Windows 8. Granted it is a very new set up and design from Windows 7 and Windows XP, but these users feel like the company moved just a bit too quickly for the typical computer user.

Pissed Consumer has had hundreds of complaints about Windows 8 and how non-user-friendly the platform really is. Individuals who felt rather confident with their old machines are now lost, confused and frustrated trying to do even simple things.

For these pissed consumers, the message to Windows is clear – if it isn’t broken, please don’t try to fix it. But in this case, Windows 8 is certainly broken – so fix it!