Santander Consumer - They lost my payment and won't clear my account

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Santander Consumer - Santander keeps saying I owe money that I don't

There are a lot of things that make us mad. Interest rates rising, bank fees when you’re just an hour or two late, but there are problems that go beyond maddening into purely outrageous. All commercial banks are just that – commercial. They are in the business of lending money to make money, and sometimes they bend, or completely break, the rules to their benefit. Unfortunately, this leaves their customers in the lurch.

When Legal Crosses the Line

A legal counselor is the best person to speak to if you have a question about the legality of a situation. A lawyer can quickly tell you if the fees the bank is charging are over the line. Most of the time, the fees are written into an agreement or contract somewhere, leaving you frustrated but not a victim.

Other times, however, there is real reason to be concerned.

One bank, which is in the business of car loans, seems to be mired in some murky business – at least according to many reviews online. Individuals who financed their vehicles with this company are having serious issues with records and payments.

Threatening Legal Action

It seems the customers are sending payments, but the bank is “losing” them.

Granted things like this happen in the course of business. You might send in a payment and it is applied to the wrong account or perhaps the system doesn’t register the payment properly. While frustrating, usually an honest bank will help you quickly sort this sort of thing out over the phone. One or two phone calls and you’re all set.

But the shady bank doesn’t seem interested in playing along when there are questions.

One frustrated customer got an overdue notice about his loan. He went back through his bank documents and statements searching for what went wrong. After all he had paid his loan on time for years.

Finally he found a cashier’s check that he sent that was never credited to his account properly. When he called up his personal bank, he got confirmation that the money order was cashed, so the payment should have gone through. He even had the bank send the verification over to the company.

When he got on the phone with the auto loan bank, however, they had no record of the payment. Not only did they not acknowledge the payment on their end they never got the fax the bank sent over to clear it up. Even when the man’s bank sent it a second time.

All bank statements point to a completed, on time payment. But the auto bank is refusing to even make an effort to clear it up. They are simply continuing to charge late fees on his account and reporting to the credit bureaus.

The man is at the end of his rope and threatening legal action.

Fed Up with Auto Loans

Sadly he is not the only one. There are almost identical stories out there from others who have had cashier’s checks vanish into thin air along with their steady record of payments and their credit ratings.

One man got so frustrated with the collections calls and roundabout, he decided to record the phone call for his records. When he told the phone representative about his intent to record, the caller immediately “cleared the line.”

It’s hard not to think of shady and even illegal actions when money is missing and employees refuse to be recorded about your personal account details.

Perhaps they might have some merit for a legal case.