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Boost Mobile - account erassed

Boost Mobile - Phone no longer exists, yet still getting charged

Data throttling. Accounts closed. Hackers. All problems that can occur with cell phones and mobile plans. Of course, this is why we always try to do a bit of research first to be sure that we are getting the best deal we can. We don’t want to spend too much money on a phone, but we will spend the money to get what we want. Often that means a phone that works well for all purposes – including data streaming.

False Advertising

Recently, however, some pissed consumers are calling false advertising on their cell phone company. The customers claim that they were told and sold unlimited streaming and data. But when they actually tried to use their phone for unlimited streaming, they found out it wasn’t quite so unlimited after all.

Unlimited streaming usually means, well, without limit. There are many plans out there that still offer unlimited streaming, and with so many uses for cell phones today, it seems like the way to go for most of us – why wouldn’t we want to use our phones for videos, music and work purposes?

But apparently, not every company selling unlimited data is actually selling the sort of unlimited the customers are seeking. For one company, “unlimited” apparently means “unlimited until you reach the point where it is throttled.”

When these customers reach the end of the line, they are justifiably upset. They bought unlimited – not unlimited up to a point! It may have been in the fine print, but nobody ever put the disclaimer on the big promotions that claimed exactly the opposite!

Creative Charges

Other individuals have old accounts that should be inactive. In fact, in some cases, they were inactive until they were brought back to life unexpectedly. One individual stopped using an old phone with this particular company. He used it more as an MP3 player than as a phone, but one day ran over it with his car.

Even more unfortunately, this is about the time the phone company started charging his credit card again. He was being charged for a phone that was – quite literally – laying in pieces. After a few phone calls, nobody was willing to listen, so he cancelled the credit card and tried to move on. The phone company found him again and kept charging.

The former customer got his bank involved, and when the bank representative called the mobile phone company, the representative actually hung up on her. Certainly not the sort of reaction you’d expect in a company operating on the up and up.

Missing Accounts

Finally, there are problems that are almost the exact opposite of charges for phantom phones. In one lady’s case, her entire account suddenly disappeared. She was paying her bill on time – as she had for five years – until her phone was cut off suddenly. When she called, she spent three hours on the phone trying to sort things out.

What did she find? Apparently the company’s system had been breached or malfunctioned and her entire phone account and number had been deleted. It was like she had never had a phone or the number she’s been using for years. Beyond frustrated, we can be certain that she won’t be getting a new phone with this company. In fact, she’s currently thinking a lawsuit may be her next step forward.