Keranique - Burn In Hall

Ordered the Keranique Free Trial Pack.. Reviews here scare me and need details for cancellation

Keranique- free trial scam!

There may be no free lunches, but looking around online you’d certainly think that there are plenty of free samples to be had! Everything seems to be offered as a free sample with the intent of hooking you as a buyer. Once you try our product, the ads promise, you’ll love it!

While the free sample method of advertising is as old as the hills, there is a new component to the marketing tactic that isn’t quite right. In fact, it’s pretty darn wrong. A lot of these “free samples” are just the starting point of a scam offer.

While not true of every free trial, there are enough scams out there that start this way, it’s important to know just how to beat these scammers at their own game.

Step 1. Skip the Scam

The best bet is to simply stay out of the deal. If you never order the free trial, you never get pulled into a scam. Of course, the companies know this, so they aggressively market their products until they sound like something you just can’t resist. If you can resist the temptation to buy, you’ll always be better off. But if you are interested in trying something out, you should be able to without legal and financial repercussions. After all, not every company is shady.

Step 2. Get a Temporary Credit Card

When you turn over your real credit card number to a company looking to hook you into a scam, you are turning over your financial wellbeing. Once they have your credit card, or worse, your bank account information, you have given the company the keys to your kingdom.

If you are even a little bit concerned about how sketchy the company may be, swing by any convenience store and buy a prepaid credit card with a limited amount of money on it. The shipping for the “free trial” should be easy enough to cover with this card, and then if the company tries to charge you the full price, the charge simply won’t go through. The money isn’t there.

Step 3. Monitor Your Card Activity

If you do choose to use your regular credit card, monitor the activity carefully. Some hair product customers were shocked to find that after they ordered a free trial, not only did they get charged the full price of the “trial”, but they also started receiving charges from other companies for products and services they never signed up for. Scammers hope you never look at your account – every dollar they get without you realizing it is a dollar they get to keep.

Step 4. Prepare to Get Tough

If the worst case occurs and you get taken in a scam, as soon as you realize what has happened, jump into action. Call the company and demand a refund – a full one. Often the company will offer you a partial refund as a way to keep some of your money. The more aggressive you get in demanding your refund, the more likely you are to get your cash back.

You may have to work on the problem from the bank’s end as well. Call your credit card company to explain the unauthorized activity and request a stop payment. Tell the scamming company that you will be notifying the bank and the Better Business Bureau and you may get a bit farther with them. After all, a scam is only good as long as it gets to continue – notifying banks and the BBB may stop the scam completely.

Once you get you money back, however, do go on and notify monitoring organizations about the scam. It’s the least you can do for the rest of the victims who may be taken in next.