Arbys - Review about Poor Management from San Jose, California

Arbys - Poor Customer Service

Arbys - Review about Poor Restaurant Service from Brookeville, Maryland

There is a time and place for fast food. Usually it’s when we are in a hurry – hence the name – or we are looking for convenience over flavor. After all, we can all freely admit that a burger cooked in less than three minutes is not going to hold a candle to the real deal that you’d get in a sit-down style restaurant.

But that’s no excuse for a terrible experience in a fast food restaurant.

The Rude Employee

While it’s safe to say that a fast food worker isn’t going to be earning a tremendous amount of money any time soon, the employees have chosen to work in a service industry which means they specialize in food and good customer service.

Apparently not all of the employees remember this, however.

There are many accounts of rude customer service in fast food restaurants. Some employees get snippy and speak rudely directly to customers. They might interrupt, talk over or just give the customer more than a bit of attitude while the customer is trying to order.

When you’re dealing with a rude employee, you never quite know what to expect when you go to enjoy your food. If the service is terrible – is the food going to be any better?

Missing Items and Orders

Occasionally, nothing jumps out at you as being wrong, but that doesn’t mean things are on the up and up. How often have you gotten back to your home and discovered that your fries are missing? Or perhaps you got someone else’s entire order? That means not only are you stuck with food you don’t want, but someone else is probably not enjoying your meal at the same moment.

While honest mistakes do happen, sometimes there are more deliberate mistakes that are made. One customer overhead employees calming discussing the order for the car behind his at the drive-through window. Apparently, the employees planned to swap out drinks just for laughs. The manager stood by and thought nothing of the plan.

Disgusting Conditions

There are requirements for food conditions in fast food restaurants. There are requirements for cleanliness and hygiene as well. Sadly, sometimes you wouldn’t think there were any rules at all when you check out the state of the restaurants. Grimy floors, sticky tables, overflowing trashcans and more can all make you a bit ill when you think about a meal.

It all becomes that much worse when you realize the restaurant is a mess, the kitchen doesn’t look much better and all six of the employees on duty seem to be standing around talking as if they don’t have a single job they could be doing.

In most workplaces, conditions like that would mean that none of those employees would have a job for long anyhow.