Beachbody - Worst customer service!

Beachbody - HORRIBLE customer service. It's not worth the stress!!!

Beachbody - Complaint

When you’re watching a commercial or happen upon an infomercial, the information you’re fed appears absolutely perfect. What could be better than what you’re seeing? It works beautifully! It has no flaws! There is no way that this miracle solution won’t work for you!

So you buy it.

And that begins the downward spiral into problem after problem for most customers.

Getting a Great Body

The weight loss marketplace is a very profitable one. Everyone wants to look fit and be healthier, but unfortunately it’s a bit harder to have a bikini ready body than it would appear in a television infomercial. You can drink protein shakes all day long, but there is no short cut to a fit, toned body.

Unfortunately many people found this out the hard way.

When these individuals ordered from a television advertisement, they were promised terrific results from a series of weight loss and toning regimes involving shakes and lotions. Sadly, for most people there were problems almost immediately.

One woman had severe breakouts from the cream that the weight loss company sold her. She called the company and complained and asked for her money back. The company representative who was on the other end of the phone barely spoke the same language as the caller. There were many miscommunications and no resolutions.

Finally the irritated customer managed to return the product, but she is still out her full refund more than a month later.

The Dreaded Auto Rebill

Other customers have more serious complaints about the weight loss company. While one woman had trouble with the product and subsequent refund, many others are having trouble getting the company to stop charging their credit cards.

According to the fine print, when the would-be health fanatics signed up for the television offer, they got free items but also were subscribed to an automatic rebill. That means every month they were shipped something new and their credit card was charged for it.

As you can imagine, over time, these costs added up quite a bit and the customers grew increasingly irritated – not just because they felt tricked, but because they couldn’t undo the damage.

When the furious customers called to cancel the monthly “subscription”, they encountered serious language barriers, deliberate “misunderstandings” and plenty of customer service workers who were not the least interested in offering service of any sort.

Finally after an exhausting proceedings, the customers were able to get the subscriptions cancelled. Of course, that usually didn’t happen until after they had tried two or three times and dealt with subsequent charges in between.

It’s no small wonder they are angry – anyone in that situation would have been.