West Elm - Failure to deliver

West Elm - Chairs fell apart

West Elm - 6 months and still missing parts of my order

Everyone loves new furniture. The pretty colors, the clean fabrics – it all adds up to a nice new statement in your home. Or it should. Sometimes furniture orders go wrong, and there seems to be nothing you –or the store – can do about it.

The Phantom Order

You visit the store with the pretty furniture. You find a style you like and you place your order. You walk out of the store confident that the next few weeks will be all it takes for your new sofa or chairs to arrive. After all, that is the delivery date that you were given in the store when you paid for them!

But something goes wrong. The order that you placed seems to have disappeared into thin air, because you certainly don’t see any furniture on week three. Or on week four for that matter. There doesn’t seem to be any furniture arriving at all in the six weeks after your order.

Finally, after the first week of missing furniture you break down and call. The order, as it turns out, is on its way! It was simply delayed because they had to send half of your order to someone else when their order was messed up.

This does not bode well for the future of your own order. The additional weeks of waiting certainly don’t help matters.

The Extra Chair

Finally! Your sofa arrives and it looks pretty good. Or at least it would if all of the pieces were actually intact. Instead of a full sofa with nice cushions, you have most of a sofa and a chair. A chair? You didn’t order a chair.

Bad luck indeed.

You send the chair back with the delivery guys (fully understanding now how your own order can be botched so badly). Along with the chairs you send back the tufted corner cushions that were delivered for your plain front sofa. No tufts. Just plain.

Getting the Runaround

After sending the cushions back you call customer service to follow up. They promise to refund the cushions to your account, which is nice, and then tell you how to order some new plain ones. Apparently you can’t do a return and a new purchase in the same phone call.

You call and place the order for the new plain cushions and sit back to wait. While waiting you browse your credit card statement and realize the refund was never sent, so you call back for that. Then your cushions arrive! But they are tufted. So you send them back again and repeat the process.

In fact, you repeat the process three more times and never actually wind up with the right cushions. Now you have a couch that is missing cushions in the middle of your living room. How attractive.

Breaking the News

Of course, things could be worse. You could have the beautiful new furniture only to discover that you wasted $500. The new chairs you bought simply couldn’t stand up to the test of time. Six months later they are breaking. Not just a little split here or there, but full pieces of wood are falling off of the chairs onto the floor.

This is a case where perhaps the delays and hassles are an omen of things to come. And that’s just not the sort of thing you want in your house anyhow.