World Of Watches - Beware, they do not honor sale prices


World of Watches lie

Watches have become a bit less about function, and a bit more about fashion. After all, most of us check the time on our phones these days than on anything else. But when you’re buying a new watch, you want to get something you like as well as something you know will last. The trick is finding the right watch with the right price.

Price Does Not Equal Quality

Too often we assume that price equals quality. This is not necessarily the case. Sometimes watches can be extremely expensive but still fall apart or break in just a few months. But of course, the flipside is also true – a cheap watch doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality. Sometimes you just want a basic watch, and surprisingly it is often the inexpensive watches that keep on ticking over time.

Water Proof and Water Resistant

Be sure you understand the difference between water proof and water resistant. A water proof watch can be completely submerged in water. You can snorkel or swim with your watch on your wrist and never have a problem. A water resistant watch, on the other hand, is designed for the occasional splash – not a big swim. If you buy a water resistant watch and try to take it underwater with you, you’ll quickly discover that the watch takes on water just like any other standard watch – albeit a bit more slowly perhaps.

Prices Vary

For many of us, the most important criteria for a new watch is the style. Of course, for really impressive style you often have to pay big bucks. But you can usually find a nice watch for a reasonable amount – but be ready for some variation.

Watches are considered jewelry and the price is going to be inflated as high as the store can get away with, just like a diamond necklace. This means that in a brick and mortar setting a nice watch might have a negotiable price. But when you buy a watch online the price might actually fluctuate on the website from day to day or even page to page.

While it might be worth noting that prices do vary a bit, a website that seems to have a “sale” price escalating over the course of a few minutes should probably be avoided. That’s not the moving gold prices driving the price – a rising price like this means the website has something else at work. Probably a bit of price inflation.

Check the Fine Print

If a watch is named after a particular company, it may not actually be made in that country. For example, French fries are most certainly American – not French. So when a watch is called a Swiss watch, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the watch is made in Switzerland.

Of course, if the company selling the watch is hiding the location where the watch was manufacture red, they are concealing information unnecessarily. Likewise if the product says “Made in China” but the company is pushing customers into buying a “watch made in Switzerland” there is an obvious lie in play.

But companies are good at skimming along the line on advertising deceptions. Be sure you read the fine print carefully!