Wasted my time with Ecyclebest

Ecyclebest - Promised a better price

Ecyclebest - Quoted for $200, sent a check for $13. Cannot get in contact with a single person

Technology often moves faster than we do, leaving us scrambling to catch up. Of course we want the latest gadget, but after we get the newest iPhone, what do we do with the old one? Many people look for ways to trade their old electronics for some fast cash. There are, of course, many place that will take your old phone or tablet and refurbish it for additional sale. The trick, however, is finding the right place.

Beware the Highest Offer

If you go online and look for a place to sell your old phone, you’ll find plenty of takers. Of course, not all of these are on the up and up. Often you can tell the shadiest dealer by price. The company you don’t want to work with is the one who offers you the highest price.

Granted, if the price one company offers you is just a few dollars higher than another, you are probably okay. But if one company offers you fifty or one hundred dollars more for the same appliance, something fishy is going on, and it’s not going to work out in your favor.

That high buying price is likely an attempt by the company to lure you into doing business with them. Once you send in your appliance, you’re trapped – they have your appliance and they don’t have to do anything at all to help you further.

Prepare for a Scam

Based on reviews, it seems to be a fifty-fifty split between good companies and bad. Some companies will try and take your appliance and keep your money. Others are willing to deal more favorably with customers.

It is best to go into a deal like this anticipating the scam and mentally prepared for what might happen. Of course, you can avoid a lot of issues like this by doing some research ahead of time. Most scammers, especially those with established websites and companies, have been in their shady business for quite some time.

That means you can usually do a bit of digging and find out how others have fared when they try to recycle their electronics. If there are dozens or even hundreds of customers complaining about how they were scammed – there is no reason to suspect that your experience will be any different!

Of course there are always options to trade your phone in without having to work with unknown websites and companies. If you’re worried about scammers or can’t find a company that feels right, why not try selling your electronic yourself or even to a pawn shop? You may not make quite as much, but at least you’ll be sure to get your money in hand and not wind up the next victim of an e-cycle scam.