Holiday Inn - Stranger given my room key, saw me nude - a sexual violation of my body -mgmt. and staff lied about comping my stays & room service, charged me over $1200 corporate is still NOT fixing this horror +

Holiday Inn Birmingham Snowhill has BEDBUG

Staying in a hotel should be a fun experience. It’s a chance to get out of the house, to relax and to let someone else do the cleaning. You may even order room service just to round out the overnight experience.

But what should be a fun time often becomes a stressful one. It’s hard to sleep in a bed that’s not your own, and there are potentially lots of things that may go wrong. In fact, the potential problems can absolutely spoil your trip – and possibly any trips to come.

The Wrong Room

The locks on hotel doors are there to give you privacy and to keep you safe. Your keycard is your way in, and unless you’re housekeeping, nobody else should have access to your room. You can imagine the horror then for one woman who checked into her room, undressed and started to walk toward the shower. Suddenly her door opens and a strange man – who was given the key to her room by the front desk – walks in.

It’s embarrassing enough to be caught in an awkward situation, but when a stranger takes some time to stare at you in your own hotel room, it’s horrifying. The man did apologize and back out (after a good, long look), but when the lady approached the front desk about the experience, they were not at all interested in helping her out. The hotel staff didn’t seem to think the situation was a big deal.

They gave in and offered her a new room. But when she went to open that room, there was another strange man right inside the door! Needless to say she was on her third room by the end of the evening and hyperventilating as well.


We count on a few things when we check into a hotel. We count on the sheets being clean and the bathroom being scrubbed. But what do you do when the hotel you’re staying in isn’t quite as clean as you would like?

One man stayed in a hotel and woke up with an inch. When he looked at his arms they were covered in welts. He had been bitten by bedbugs. In fact, when housekeeping was changing the sheets at his request, the bedbugs were visible on the bed itself.

Disgusted he contacted the hotel staff who agreed reluctantly to put him in a cab to a nearby doctor to be inspected, but the amount of support the hotel staff gave the man was pretty puny. Worse, he was visiting from a different country and wasn’t able to deal as effectively with the situation as possible.

All he got for his trouble was a refund of $100, a disgusting story and absolutely no desire to stay in that particular hotel again.