LaZBoy 5 year warranty

LaZBoy - Still waiting for items and damaged furniture to be fixed

Buying new furniture should be fun and exciting. It shouldn’t be a hassle or an experience that leaves you bitter and regretful – but so often it does.

When you buy new recliners, chairs and sofas, you usually have a choice of store locations. There are many places that sell sofas, so you would think that a specialty store, one that offers custom fabric selection and a solid brand name, would be a safe bet.

Unfortunately, it seems that there are no safe bets in the world of recliners.

Pushy Salespeople

In a commission-based world, you’re going to run into pushy salespeople. It’s just a fact of life, and like it or not you may have to work with someone you don’t like to get the job done. But there is a big difference between being pushy and being rude or disrespectful.

The same salesperson who harassed you while choosing fabric colors should follow through when you promises to “call you the second your furniture arrives in the store!” She should also be helpful when that same furniture arrives damaged rather than begging off for her vacation and ignoring your needs the minute the money changes hands. Even if it’s just the work of a single individual that has you down, there are plenty more hassles when it comes to furniture.

Extended Warranties

With the sheer number of warranties that are available on products today, you’d think that there would be some benefit to actually paying for one. But increasingly it seems like extended warranties are simply a way to get a bit more of your money.

When you buy an extended warranty from a furniture company, you might think that you’re getting that name brand reputation for the next five years should something go wrong. WRONG! It seems you’re not getting name brand service. Instead you’re getting “security” from a virtually unknown company who probably doesn’t care a bit about your furniture- just the payment.

You can test just how much the companies care about your experience when you call up to use your extended warranty. Your sofa arrives damaged or your chair’s tufting winds up un-tufted. You’re probably relieved to have the security of the extended warranty on your side.

But you’re in for a rude awakening. Call up the company and you find out that warranty only covers certain things. It most certainly does not cover the cost of the actual visit. You are suddenly paying over $100 just for someone to come out and look at your problem. Should the repair person actually stay longer than an hour to make repairs, you’ll be out another $109.

When you stop to consider what you paid for the sofa, you have best hope that the repairs don’t take more than eight hours – otherwise you would have been far better off simply buying a new sofa and washing your hands of the warranty in the first place.