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Westgate Resorts - They changed my contract after I bought and now it's a constant fight to get what I paid for.

If you've never heard of one, a timeshare is exactly what it sounds like - time shared in a condo or apartment where the various families invested in the property split the cost. The way a timeshare is supposed to work is pretty simple. You invest in the property and pay an annual maintenance fee. Then, you get to use your share of the property for a week or two throughout the year.

Selling Timeshares

When a company sells you a timeshare, there is often a bit that they don't disclose. The marketing program is full of glamour and fun - free perks! Great location! Free vacation every year! But in truth some of these timeshare program are anything but great. They are more of a headache than anything else.

Timeshare Issues

For many people, the biggest issue with a timeshare is the amount of money required to invest in the property. You may pay $2500 upfront as part of your buy-in, but when the first bill comes for $900 to maintain that property, you may start to feel a bit cheated. After all, you can stay in a very nice hotel every year for a week for $900 – and you can take a year off if you’d like.

With a timeshare, you are supposed to have some options in many cases as to where you actually spend your week of time. Some timeshare programs are large enough to have properties all over the United States, so you can hop from one to the next every year. Or at least you can in theory.

What many families found when they tried to take advantage of their timeshare program was that choosing a location wasn’t as simple as it sounded. They tried time and again to book their stay and time and time again they were told that the spots were full. They were encouraged to book their time eleven months in advance – and that simply wasn’t possible!

To add insult to injury, it seems you can pay for a separate vacation at the timeshare properties as regular hotel guest at any time, but to as an owner in the timeshare, you’re required to plan almost a year in advance for the same space in the same hotel.

Class Action Lawsuit

Some families are beyond frustrated with the hidden rules and nondisclosures that have come up since they paid into the timeshare program. They have tried to work with the company and haven’t found any recourse yet.

Now some individuals and families are joining forces in a class action lawsuit to try and force the hand of one of the large timeshare programs. While the lawsuit is still in the early stages of communication, it does send a powerful message to those considering buying into a program. If others are ready to sue to get out of the timeshare, is it really something you want to buy into?