Joann Fabric - Awful customer service in Monroeville PA

Joann Fabric - Teacher Has Horrible Experience at Jo-Ann Fabrics

Joann Fabric - Sick of these customers that refuse to use their brains, if they even have one at all.

Craft stores are supposed to be fun places where you can buy all of the fabric and interesting tidbits for your projects. They aren’t supposed to be the sort of place that gives you a raging headache and leaves you frustrated with your experience. Unfortunately, craft stores are retail centers and that means your experience is often subjected to the whims of the people you’re working with – the employees.

Great Customers Service

It’s always refreshing to know that there are great employees out there. These are the employees who enjoy their jobs and who have patience when customers need a bit of extra attention or help. But it seems the excellent employees exist at only a handful of craft store locations – the rest can be a huge damper on the good experience the store really should be.

Rotten Experiences in Crafts

There are a few things you know to expect in a craft store. The first is that there are usually more items than the average employee can remember. The second is that it might take a while to get your fabric cut – that’s just standard wait time. But some things you can and should expect from employees.

• You should expect a fabric store employee to know what the different types of fabric are. When you ask for helping finding a particular type of fabric, the employee should be able to lead you directly to it without any fuss or muss.

• You should also expect that when the employee has trouble remembering what the different types of fabric are, she would be apologetic and find out as quickly as possible.

• You should expect the store employee to handle herself with professionalism and not run directly to a manager to complain about how you wondered out loud if she had training in fabrics after she demonstrated her ignorance of particular fabrics. Indeed, if she is going to complain, the employee would do well to not complain one aisle over from where you are standing – ensuring that you hear every word.

• You should expect that when you show a coupon to the manager and ask if it is valid, that the same coupon is indeed valid when you arrive at the checkout line. It seems a bit ridiculous to refuse to honor a coupon that was approved fifteen minutes beforehand.

• You should also expect that a teacher discount program wouldn’t require a file folder of paperwork to renew. A teacher’s identification badge for the current school year would normally suffice, but unfortunately not for every craft store employee.

• You should expect that when the customer service for the craft store chain tells you to expect a phone call about a recent experience, you will actually get a phone call!

• Finally, you would expect that someone who is trained in customer experience and works in a craft store would avoid making a scene online about the customers she is paid to work with. When an employee goes online to complain and rant about customers, perhaps it’s simply a sign that she doesn’t need to be working with people. Ever.