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Eharmony - eHarmony does not not care about its customers

Eharmony - Eharmony is the worst dating site in History!!!

Meeting people can be a challenge. Fortunately we have many options of online dating websites to work with when you’re looking to find a bit of friendship or romance. Unfortunately, not all of these dating websites are as great as they promise to be.

Romantic Promises

If you watch the commercials for dating websites they will tell you that everything is possible. All you need to do is sign up and you’ll be able to find the love your life by filling out a simple questionnaire! Just check a few boxes and the website will show you some great matches – just the sort of people you signed up to meet!

Unfortunately for you, a lot of that simply isn’t true – or at least it doesn’t appear to be true based on numerous customer complaints about one of the most popular dating websites.

The Fine Print

There is always fine print when you sign up for something like a dating website. You can’t expect to find the love of your life right away. You can’t expect to find the person for free, and you can’t expect to try the product forever.

When you first sign up for the dating site, you’re asked to fill out a survey. This survey is supposed to help the website’s algorithm match you up with likely candidates. The actual outcome is a bit different. After you fill out the survey, the matches you see aren’t exactly the attractive members of the opposite sex you were promised.

One young woman on the site expected pictures of young men in her inbox. Instead you received the profiles of men old enough to be father – none of whom looked particularly well-groomed. Others have complained that they only receive profiles of website members who haven’t even logged into their account in months – nobody who is actively seeking a match.

Feeling Cheated

Perhaps the worst part of the whole thing is that you’re paying a pretty penny for the nonexistent romantic services. You may not mind spending money when you’re able to see the service is working as promised. But when you are getting matched with individuals decades older or younger than you – especially ones who aren’t even active on the website, it’s easy to feel cheated.

So you demand a refund. Unfortunately for you, unless you cancel your membership in three days – just three days to try out the entire site – you are out of luck and you’re due for every penny charged. Sure you can cancel your membership going forward, but you’ve already been charged for every month you’ve tried using the service before that point, and those charges certainly add up fast.