Piercing Pagoda - Dreadful experience

Piercing Pagoda - Review about Ear Piercing

Getting your ears pierced should be fun – a bit painful perhaps – but an overall good experience. After all, usually by the time you get your ears pierced, you’ve waiting a bit, perhaps begged a bit, and now it’s time to act. Unfortunately, not all piercing experiences turn out well. There are quite a few, in fact, that teach us lessons about just how badly an ear piercing can go wrong.

Prepare for Disaster

When you choose to pierce your little one’s ears, you need to prepare for the possibility that something can go wrong. Little ones are not always interested in ear piercing, especially if they are young enough to not understand what is happening.

Expect tears and pain for your young ones. Granted, the pain will fade quickly, but it’s impossible to pierce anyone’s ears without any pain at all. Granted, even if you are prepared for some hysterics, steel yourself that something even worse might happen. The piercing gun might stick, for example. The lady running the gun might decide to pry it off your baby’s ear with a set of pliers.

When something like that happens, it’s hard to know what to do, but the best solution would be the one that protects your little one.

Follow Through on Set-Up

If you know your child can’t sit still very well, ask the piercer to get everything she needs out and ready first. Check the tray to be sure there are two earrings. If you catch a piercer unprepared, you might wind up holding a screaming child while the booth owner searches for a matching earring for the second ear. Worse, you might be like one mother and realize that her daughter was actually wearing two different earrings – the sort that must stay in her ears for six weeks.

Maintain Sanitization

Don’t let anyone near your ears without gloves and proper sanitizing. This is a plea to never allow a friend to pierce your ears, and don’t let the professionals even touch your ears to check the piercing without wearing gloves to prevent infection.

Fingers are dirty things, and your ears aren’t easily scrubbed for germs. Having open wounds in your ears means the risk of infection is high. Anticipate this by buying plenty of gloves yourself and keeping cleaning agents at hand to be sure your new piercings stay clean, healthy and attractive.