Megabus - Review about Bus Travel Service

Megabus - Review about Broken Air Conditioner


There are many ways to travel between cities and states, and for those who aren’t comfortable flying and don’t have the luxury of a nearby train, often the best method of transportation is a bus. Fortunately, there are very nice, luxury buses available for travel. These buses come with electrical outlets, WiFi for internet usage and, of course, air conditioning.

The Discomforts of Travel

When you travel in an airplane or on a bus, you expect some discomforts. After all, there are dozens, perhaps hundreds of people all crammed into the same small place. But with the internet available and some good headphones, you can tune out most of what you need to in order to make the trip work reasonably well.

Unfortunately, however, there are some things that you simply can’t handle. The most prominent of which is heat.

Sure it’s hot outside, but when you step inside a luxury bus, you can usually expect the bus to be nice and cool. Many people even get cold on buses and airplanes due to the intensity of the air conditioning.

But when that air conditioning goes out, a bus ride quickly becomes a hellish adventure trapped with all of those other people in a raging inferno of body odor and sweat.

Granted, you may not literally be burning up, but temperatures rise quickly, especially on a sunny, summer day.

Going in Hot

Often, once travel arrangements have been made, you’re stuck. You have to take the bus to the first city in order to catch the next bus on to where you’re headed. Or perhaps you’re scheduled to arrive at a particular time, and you can’t just decide to hop off a hot bus and wait for the next one. Unfortunately, however, sometimes that particular choice is made for you.

When you’re riding on a bus for hundreds of miles, you expect some discomfort. But you expect the air conditioning to at least make the trip with you. You can imagine the discomfort for dozens of passengers when their air conditioning went out on a trip between Atlanta and Mobile. The trip stopped. The bus was emptied and the passengers were told they were waiting on a new bus.

But the new bus hadn’t arrived in three hours. Everyone was irritable, hot and annoyed that they were late. But perhaps the worst experience of all was when the passengers watched the driver pass out from the heat and be carried away in an ambulance. There was still no new bus after that either.

Misery Loves Company

An isolated event can be explained away. We all have difficulty with air conditioning and such from time to time. But when a pattern seems to be repeated time and again, it’s enough to make anyone suspicious. When the air conditioning goes out on a big travel bus in three different states at three different times, it begs the question – is bus travel (on this particular line at least) really your best option?