Living Spaces - Cheap Furniture / Ridiculous Warranty

Living Spaces - 2014 Purchased a sofa and love seat from Living Spaces.

Living Spaces - Furniture delivered damaged/call center won't accommodate within 7 days of complaint

Living Spaces - Do not purchase Living Spaces VIP Ultrashield warranty

There are some furniture companies that seem to specialize in inexpensive furniture and expensive furniture warranties. The warranties are designed to give you peace of mind as you buy a new couch or mattress, but often rather than enjoying your new items with peace of mind, you realize you’ve got both a broken sofa and a worthless warranty – neither of which was worth the money you spent.

Beware Cheap Furniture

There is a time and place for inexpensive furniture. If you’re living on a budget, cheap furniture may be your only choice. But it’s important to go into your purchase knowing that the items you’re buying aren’t designed to last more than a few years and that discounted price has a catch – either you’re assembling the furniture yourself or the company saved a lot of money on labor and materials.

When you go into a purchase knowing you’re not buying heirloom pieces, you go in wisely. When you are fooled by the bells and whistles and promises of huge savings and great warranties, you’re going in a bit blind.

The Hidden Charges

A furniture store that sells based on price has to make its money somewhere, and usually that money comes in hidden fees and charges. For example, you might be sold a $300 sofa, but you’re also pushed to buy the $89 furniture warranty. You’re promised that if anything goes wrong, that warranty will keep you covered.

But apparently it doesn’t.

When your new sofa is delivered, the arm is broken. When you call to have it replaced, the company will need $99 for the visit out to your home and then only cover the repair under certain circumstances. There’s no way they will be replacing the item, mind you – they will just “do their best” to repair it at your house. The customer service representative doesn’t care that the sofa arrived that way – this is how the company makes their money. The hidden charges.

It’s the same story on a table that arrives scratched. Or perhaps the item you needed immediately, but didn’t get until the next day despite being promised a same day delivery. The situation gets even worse, unfortunately, the longer you’ve had your furniture.

If you notice the sofa is broken a year after you’ve bought it, you’ll probably have trouble even getting a customer service representative on the line, much less a repair guy out to your house. Your mattress sags? Too bad – that’s not covered under the warranty. Your best friend covered your couch in vomit? Whoops! That’s a biohazard and not covered either.

The Bottom Line

While a warranty sounds like a great item when you’re buying an expensive piece of furniture, it’s often worth less than the paper it was printed on – assuming you even get a printed copy for your records. Perhaps your best strategy when buying inexpensive furniture is to simply buy what you need, enjoy it as long as it lasts and replace it when the time comes. Save the warranty funds – it might add up enough to cover the replacement anyhow.