Bob Evans Restaurants - Carryout complaint


There are categories of restaurants. Not every eating establishment has four stars, and many are simple, economical and easy places to get hot, decent food. Unfortunately, even when you have only moderate expectations for a restaurant, you can run into trouble and leave irritated and frustrated rather than comfortable and content.

They Screw Up Your Order

There are places that have complicated menu items. And there are people who make simple items more complicated than is strictly necessary. But when you order just the basic menu items – the ones the restaurant has prepared for decades – there is no reason to think they should get it wrong.

But they so often do.

You order on the phone. You ask for three simple things – standard things really. When you arrive to pick up your food, you’re impressed that the server brings it to your car, so you include a tip. But when you get home things aren’t looking so impressive. The salad isn’t there …but the dressing is. The breakfast items don’t even include the same ingredients as they normally do. It’s like someone threw some items together in a container and stuck them in your bag.

They Aren’t Polite

Which can easily lead to the second issue that will drive you nuts – the wait staff and even managers can be downright rude. When you bring your order back to show them the big mistakes, they don’t apologize, they just offer you back some money – and it’s not even the same amount that you spent in the first place! They refuse to see the issue in the same light as you, and you’re now stuck with bad and missing food and missing a few bucks as well.

Worse, sometimes the waitstaff won’t even help you at all. Even if you get the wrong food, at least you got food! It’s even worse when you arrive at the counter to order or sit at your table and then have to wait for your server. You wait. And wait. And wait some more.

Sometimes it’s crowded or just a busy waiter, but other times, it’s flat out rude or even prejudiced behavior – when a server looks at you and turns to walk away, that’s not busy. That’s appalling.

They Get Rid of the Good Stuff

Things change, and that means that sometimes menu items change, too. It makes sense in a way for new items to be introduced or to come and go over time, but when a menu staple suddenly disappears it’s almost as if the restaurant is trying to tick you off.

For example, when you eat pasta every time you visit a neighborhood restaurant, it’s unbelievable when the pasta on the menu suddenly disappears. It’s not just one dish that was removed – it was all of the pasta dishes! An entire cuisine was just struck from the menu and nobody in the restaurant can seem to tell you why.

When this happens, even if the people are polite and friendly, there is only one thing to do – find a new favorite dish or a new favorite pasta joint.