Beware of Camping World repair service

Camping World - Poor Customer Interaction and Damage to Coach

Camping World Lake City, Florida Service Dept. does more damage than they fix.

Owning a camper or recreational vehicle is fun, but it can be a lot of work, too. Just like a car, a mobile home requires regular maintenance, and when things break on a mobile home, you can’t just take the giant RV into your local body shop. It’s important to know what you’re getting into with mobile home repairs.

Not All Shops Are Created Equal

It’s true for cars and it’s true for RVs. Not all repair shops are created equally. Sadly this is especially true when it comes to the dealership. RV dealerships make money by selling campers – not making small repairs and warranty fixes.

Granted, the service department at the RV dealership can make a significant amount of money if they sell you a few extra items you don’t really need when you bring you camper into be fixed, but that’s standard fare at every repair shop on the planet.

The real trouble when you’re looking at repairs for your camper is the quality of the service itself and that is vastly different between different shops and dealerships. It definitely pays to do your research before taking your camper in. Even some chains have different levels of service – check reviews online to be sure you know what you’re in for.

Consider New Locks

When you bring your mobile home into the repair shop, you’re handing over the keys to more than just the engine. You’re allowing the repair technicians access to your cabinets, storage lockers and anything else they might decide to explore. If there are things you’d like to keep private or safe, it may be best to invest in a small padlock set or the like. That way you can truly lock up any valuables in a safe place.

Customers complain that service technicians have been known to snoop, and even to take a few small items from time to time. One customer found that the technicians opened every locked cabinet and door in their home and left them that way – essentially allowing anyone who wanted to walk through to take whatever they would like. You may have to sacrifice some privacy when you hand over the keys, but you shouldn’t have to leave yourself completely vulnerable.

Don’t Plan on Speedy Service

It’s hard to find a service shop that can get you on the road again in just an hour or two – even if you just need a quick oil change. Bringing a large camper into a repair shop means you’re going to be there for a bit, so settle in.

Granted, there is a limit to what your patience can bear. You might plan on three hours for a one hour job, but you shouldn’t have to call multiple times and even arrive on site to get an update. And if the service department loses your keys and makes you wait overnight while they hunt for them? You have every right to be furious and demand some sort of resolution to the problem – hopefully a good one!