Albertsons - Poor cust service and stinky store

Albertsons - constantly stalked by Roy the loss prevention

Albertsons - Rotton Watermelon

Sometimes we get in a rut when it comes to buying groceries. We go to the same store we always have, simply because it’s convenient or perhaps habit. But when things aren’t quite what they used to be, or something is definitely off – it’s time to find a new place to shop.


Theft and loss are real problems in all retail establishments. It stands to reason that grocery stores might hire someone to specialize in loss prevention and to be sure that nothing walks away out of the store that hasn’t been paid for. Of course, sometimes these loss prevention specialists go a bit too far and become more of an annoyance than assistance.

If you’re walking through the same grocery store you’ve used for fifteen years and suddenly the loss prevention officer is following you on every trip. Something is wrong. Either you’re doing something highly suspicious or he’s being irritating. If it happens once, you can get it over it. But if happens repeatedly, it’s time to find a new store.

Rotten Food

Grocery stores are in business for one reason – to sell you food. So when that food isn’t fresh, what’s the point? If you visit a grocery store and the entire store stinks, there’s a major problem – especially if the store smells like rotten meat. How are you going to buy “fresh” meat to cook at home when the store seems to contain enough rotten meat the stink the place up?

The same goes for fruit. If you crack open a watermelon and it is rotten and slimy inside, there’s a major issue. If the potatoes are mealy and squishy, same deal. You’re not shopping at the farmer’s market, but you’re paying money for these items – you’d expect them to at least be edible!

Rude Employees

Grocery stores are a business designed around the customer – they bring you items and you buy them if you like what you see. What isn’t necessary, however, are rude employees. Granted you can find a very helpful individual in produce on the same day that you find someone who won’t help you a bit at customer service. It can be a bit hit and miss, but if you are consistently having trouble with rude employees and non-helpful individuals, it may be time to make a change.

Of course, sometimes employees are so unhelpful that they ask you to find a new store without you even planning to! One individual had to move a broken cart to free up one she could use. When the cart fell over, she didn’t bother to pick it up – it was broken and locked already!

She then pushed her cart through the store. An employee caught up to her a few aisles in and told her she was no longer welcome in the store since she was caught on camera damaging store property. Since she hadn’t intentionally damaged anything, she tried to explain, but the store employee wouldn’t let her explain much less listen to what she had to say. It goes without saying that she won’t be back after that level of embarrassment!