US CASH ADVANCE - A loan I never took out

US CASH ADVANCE - Almost scamed


US CASH ADVANCE - I had went on line to apply for an payday loan that was never deposited into my account

There is a pocket of our society that has little flexibility when it comes to getting cash on hand. Sure we should all be saving our money for a rainy day, but when you live paycheck to paycheck that can be very hard to do. Banks won’t always lend out small amounts of money without excellent credit and credit cards can be hard to come by for the same reason.

So what do you do when you need cash and can’t borrow it from friends or family?

Many people try payday loans, but the risk is very high.

Getting Scammed by Payday Loans

Generally, payday loans don’t work if you’re already living paycheck to paycheck. If your budget is tight, getting a loan with a high amount of interest means you won’t be able to pay back the loan and pay your bills at the same time. While it’s tempting to get a $1,000 loan quickly, how are you going to pay back $1, 200 to the loan company and pay your $1,000 mortgage?

Unfortunately most payday loans are not illegal, but they might very well be – they prey on those who are desperate for cash. So desperate in fact, they are will to fall behind in rent or car payments or even forgo healthy meals just to get payments in on time.

Payday loans in general are a bad idea, but then some companies go too far – and actually take illegal steps.

Illegal Loans Online

It’s convenient to do things online. You shop online, you bank online, so why wouldn’t you look for a good loan online?

In short, because there are plenty of companies hoping to scam you when you do.

When you walk into a bank in your neighborhood, you know the bank is real and it likely has funds – especially if it’s been there for years. When you set up a loan online, especially one that includes your bank account number and personal information, you’re not always dealing with a reputable company.

In fact, sometimes you’re not dealing with a company at all.

Illegal companies take your information and create problems for you, problems of the long-term variety. The company may or may not actually give you money, but whether or not you actually got funds from them, they are going to do their best to get funds from you.

They will call relentlessly at all hours. They will call your work. They will call your friends and family. They will call your boss. They will hound you multiple times within the hour.

They don’t play by the rules set up by the FTC because they aren’t a real company – they are crooks hoping you’ll send over some money to make them shut up!


If you start getting harassing calls about a loan – especially one you never took out – ignore the calls. Let your friends and family what is happening and refuse to answer. If you do answer they will only harass you more.

The FTC is aware of most scam already, but go ahead and report the new one that’s targeting you so that the government can build its case and shut that nonsense down.

And in the meantime, skip payday loans all together next time. Consider holding a garage sale or selling things you don’t need in order to make extra money in your next emergency.