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Lifeproof Iphone Case Warranty Sucks!

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Lifeproof - buyer BEWARE

When you pay almost $100 for a phone case, you expect it to do great thing. In fact, you know it will do great things because the company selling you the case promises – even guarantees – that it will. If you buy the cover and register it with the company, you are promised a warranty on the case and you have the ability to make claims if your phone and the case get damaged.

It seems too good to be true – and maybe it is.


A phone case that claims to be indestructible should cover some of the basics. It shouldn’t leak when it gets wet. It shouldn’t allow the screen to crack when the phone is dropped from a normal height. It should be like the waterproof armor it claims to be.

But somehow it’s not. There are many complaints about these heavy phone cases and just how destructible they really are. The phone drops and the screen cracks immediately. The phone falls for a second into a puddle and the case actually traps the water inside by the phone, ruining it.

So much for that “high quality construction”.

Honoring the Warranty

Fortunately, when you paid $80-$100 for that phone case, you weren’t just buying a case you were buying peace of mind. You paid extra knowing that you could file a claim if your phone was damaged, so now you can at least take advantage of that particular option.

Or you can try to, anyhow.

When you call the customer service phone line you might be put on hold due to “high call volumes.” Oddly, no matter what time you call, day or night, there are still “high call volumes” and it takes forever to actually speak to a person.

When you do speak to her, you’ll likely hear something like the following:

- You didn’t buy your case from the right place, so it’s not actually covered under the special warranty. Sorry about that!

- The case is covered under the warranty, but not your actual phone. So if the case is still intact, you don’t have anything to actually report – the case is fine. So sorry about your phone…

- Or you might get lucky and be told that the form you need to fill out is online and she’ll send you the link via email. She’ll get your email address. But you never get the form. Surely that’s not much of a surprise at this point, is it?

There are some really excellent phone cases out on the market. They are made by reputable companies that stand behind their products. But then there are others – like the ones with numerous complaints online.

Before you buy do your research. Don’t waste $100 on a case that doesn’t work. You might as well get a super cute one for $10.