Sonic - Review about Wrong Order

Sonic - Review about Rude Employee from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

When you order fast food, you aren’t expecting premier service, but it’s reasonable to expect your carhop or server to be polite and pleasant. In return, you are polite and everyone gets along just fine without sniping at each other or being ugly. Of course sometimes thing go terribly wrong, and you wind up with an ugly situation on your hands – your server is rude and unpleasant. What do you do now?

Kill Them with Kindness

When someone is in a bad mood, they are looking to take it out on someone else. If you fight anger with anger, you’re actually giving the rude employee what she wants. It’s far better to act as though she has been the most pleasant associate you’ve dealt with all day. Even if you’ve done nothing wrong, act as though it’s all a big misunderstanding on your part. You may shock the employee into behaving appropriately. Or at the very least you’ll feel a bit superior since you were able to keep your cool at least.

Just Walk Away

Sometimes you really just want a chocolate and banana milkshake, but the server isn’t getting it. You’re trying to ask a question and it’s like talking to a brick wall. Your server can’t seem to understand and you can’t get through to her. Tensions are rising and both of you are getting irritated. Suddenly instead of asking politely for a milkshake you’re about to lose your cool and the server actually does lose hers. Things are getting ugly fast and you still haven’t ordered your milkshake.

At this point it might be better to just drive away. If you’re inside the store, just walk away. There are other restaurants that serve milkshakes and driving an extra few minutes is worth it to keep your cool and avoid an ugly confrontation in the middle of the store.

Get the Manager Involved

Some things are just over the top – so far over the top there’s nothing you can do but call a manager over. For example, if a fast food employee throws ice in your car or yells at your daughter over music in the car, you’re done. This is a point when it’s absolutely necessary to call the manager on duty over immediately, explain the situation and look for an immediate solution.

In some cases, it may be that the manager has to handle the situation after you leave. In others, he or she may be able to make things right immediately. Often it just depends on what the situation actually is. Of course, getting the manager involved when things aren’t over the top can backfire on you. Be sure that the server is the real problem – sometimes we can be overly sensitive or allow our bad mood to taint an experience. You could be interfering in someone’s job, so be sure you’re ready to take on that responsibility.