AdultFriendFinder - Cam and Instant Messenger Problems

AdultFriendFinder - Removed for a supposed TOS violation

AdultFriendFinder - Dont Pay! FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD

AdultFriendFinder - Was banned from site!

Adult Friend Finder, a website dedicated to finding others interested in a one-day or longer romance, may not be for everyone, but there are many who enjoy the convenience the website provides. Well, they’d enjoy the convenience if they could actually use the website, that is.

Unfortunate Updates

Recently the website,, updated its system. The website interface changed and many long term members have been having trouble even using the basic functions of the website. Ever since the update, many members have had trouble logging into the website. One minute the login information works correctly, but the next it doesn’t.

Even if you’re able to log into the website, you may have some trouble with the website functions. For example, some people have had some trouble using their webcams. The webcam is a critical part of the website’s usefulness, so not being able to use a camera that you’ve used for years can be a major problem.

So far there aren’t any developments on the site to alleviate the frustration that long term users are experiencing. Of course, if you’re a new user you might have some other problems with the site that are a bit more expensive.

A Big Rip-off?

Old users are frustrated with the new website design on, but new users don’t know any better to even worry about how the site used to function and what might not be as user-friendly now. Instead, they are lucky to even keep an account.

Quite a few new users on Adult Friend Finder have set up new accounts and then tried to log in. Many only used the website for an hour or two and then discovered they were banned. They had their login privileges revoked and only learn about the problem when they can’t get back into the website.

While this would be frustrating in any form or fashion, what really puts this over the top is that most of these new users have paid for their new account only to be banned from the site. Naturally there is no refund offered. The website keeps the money. The user gets nothing but frustrated.

There are a lot of former users ready to do battle against They feel as though the website actually stole their money by shutting down their accounts. When the users tried to follow up on why the user account was banned, the website’s customer service department was “unable to comment” on how the user actually broke the terms of service.

It sounds as though has some issues to sort through in the very near future or they may just find themselves without any customers at all.