Megawhite is an illegal teeth whitening company

Megawhite - Do not go near with a barge pole

Megawhite is illegal

Megawhite is a rip off

While it would be nice to say that nobody wants to be in trouble with the law, that’s probably not entirely true. It is true that most of us want to stay well away from legal trouble, especially the type that includes large fines and jail time. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t know we’re doing things wrong until it’s too late. If only we had seen the warning signs that something was very wrong.

You Have to Do the Dirty Work

In the case of one allegedly illegal business, the parent company will sell franchise owners a tooth whitening business, but they won’t actually perform any tooth whitening themselves. The unlucky franchise owners soon figured out why this was when they were notified that what they were doing was illegal and were told legally to cease and desist. It’s funny how the parent company has thus far avoided trouble for selling businesses to others, but others certainly get in trouble for putting that business to work.

The Law is Brushed Aside

In the case of the frustrated franchise owners, when they received notice about the illegality of their newly bought business, they immediately called the parent company’s support line. Rather than offering them counsel, the representatives from the parent company actually laughed one concerned patron off the phone and told another that the General Dental Council isn’t “serious” when they send out the letters warning businesses of illegal practices. Fortunately, according to their online reviews, the franchise owner took the letter seriously since the GDC has been prosecuting others for illegal tooth whitening procedures.

Others Complain of the Scam

You might think to check out review websites before you buy a new phone or a new dishwasher, but why would you ignore online reviews when you’re getting ready to buy a new business? If the franchise owners had checked online, they would have known that the there were already many complaints about the company in question calling it shady, leaning toward completely illegal and totally unethical. Instead, each of the would-be business owners is now facing possibly legal action and, at the very least, they are out about $2,000.

Starting a new business is exciting, and when you’re ready for a change it’s easy to get pulled into the excitement generated by others in the industry. It’s important to approach new business ideas with a steady head, however. In alleged scams like the ones franchise owners are complaining about, the new owners were apparently sold a bad deal. They paid thousands for a product they claim didn’t really work, and they wound up facing legal action for all of their trouble.

Hopefully the next time these individuals seek out new business opportunities they will do a bit more due diligence. No business owner likes to waste money, and certainly no business owners wants to face a $5,000 fine and possible prison time for trying to do right by their customers.