Golden Corral - change prices on holidays


Golden Corral - Severe Food Poisoning

Everyone likes to treat their mom or dad to a special meal on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. But there are some places Pissed Consumer users aren’t going to go when they are looking for a celebration. One restaurant under fire from our users? Golden Corral.

This all-you-can-eat buffet join might seem like the perfect spot for a fun family gathering on a Sunday afternoon. But there’s something many frustrated customers want you to know – it will cost you quite a bit more to have your fun on a holiday then it does any other Sunday of the year.

Concerns About Price Gouging

You can’t really fault a restaurant for trying to make some extra money when the opportunity arises. Restaurants are in the money-making business after all. But typically, restaurants might offer a Father’s Day special to encourage customers to spend a bit more to make the holiday meal special. That leaves the standard fare at the regular price if you’re more interested in getting something off the menu.

According to multiple reviews on Pissed Consumer, Golden Corral opted out of the specials and extras this year. Instead, the restaurant actually raised prices just for the day. This Father’s Day, some frustrated customers found out the hard way that sometimes your special meal costs more than you might expect. The price may not have doubled, but when you’re taking a large family out for a big meal together, adding two or three dollars onto every meal can add up very quickly!

Unfortunately, this wasn’t just the price for those looking to treat a mom or dad to dinner. The inflated prices were present for every person in the restaurant, even the truck driver who eats in the same restaurant weekly without any parents at all.

Unprepared and Unprofessional

Worse, even if you wound up paying the extra money to eat in the restaurant, you may not have enjoyed your meal. Complaints point to some restaurants that were not staffed adequately for the number of customers they had. Food was not fresh or prepared correctly. Staff members rushed from one area to another without following health and safety guidelines.

In the stories the irate customers left for others, they complained about being left standing for an hour waiting on a table. They said that customer service wasn’t exactly over the top. Rude managers, dirty employees, a lack of fresh food and long wait times certainly don’t sound like the sort of thing someone is willing to pay extra for on a holiday.

It’s no surprise that quite a few customers have complained already and pledge that they will not be returning to the restaurant this year or any time in the future for a holiday. These former customers feel that if you’re going to spend almost $16 per person on food, you might as well go somewhere you can actually get a good value for your money and enjoy the overall experience as well.