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In the world of online marketing, automatic rebills are among the most nebulous issues. In some cases, you’re comfortable with a regular charge – perhaps the game you play requires a monthly payment, for example. In other situations, you find that you’re not quite okay with the product you’re getting (or not getting) and you realize you want out. And that’s where things get sticky.

You Can’t Get Your Money Back

Rebills aren’t your typical monthly payments. You make arrangements to pay for your game or your medication monthly. The company charges you money and sends your product. So long as you set this up, you’re covered.

But with a bad rebill, you’re not in a consensual monthly billing arrangement. In fact, these companies make it very challenging to speak to a person much less get your money back. If you order something online and it doesn’t fit your needs or it arrives broken, you normally make a phone call and send the item back. The company refunds all or some of your money once they have the object in hand and everyone is happy.

With a rebill, you won’t be able to return a product and get your money back. You may be able to return the product, but you’ll have to get a credit – if you get anything at all. In most cases you’ll be promised a refund and then get nothing at all. Rather than a refund on your returned item, you’re more likely to get charged again that month for the next installment.

You Can’t Use the Product

Bad rebills get money by sending out inferior products and continuing to charge for them. You might receive a special health supplement that doesn’t actually do much more than a cheap multivitamin, but you’re billed for the supplement every month like clockwork as they send you more of a product that doesn’t even work as advertised.

Sometimes you get lucky and the bad rebill has a decent enough product. You might be buying healthy toiletries you can actually use, but why spend $10 on toothpaste when the grocery store sells it for $2? Pay more for less seems to be the motto of most rebills.

You Can’t Get Out of It

Finally, the biggest indicator that you’re in a hard spot is when you can’t get out of it again. You fill out the form to cancel the arrangement, and you’re still charged every month. You call and tell the customer service representative that you’re cancelling and you still get charged every month. You fax items, you mail items, you call numbers, you make threats and still you’re charged every month like clockwork.

This is the company’s biggest weapon – rebilling your credit card over and over again and not letting you break the cycle. Fortunately you can break the cycle, but not by calling the rebilling company. Instead contact your credit card company and have them charge back or stop the charges from their end. There may be a fee for this service, but it’s far better to pay that fee than deal with illegal billing practice that won’t be fixed.