Avas Flowers - Substitution of Flowers in a custom order, delivery probs, etc. etc.


Ordering flowers should be an easy way to show someone you’re thinking about them and how much you care. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work this way. Sometimes, instead of sending pretty flowers to show sympathy or love, you instead send dead, dying or simply ugly flowers instead. Granted you paid for the real thing, you expected the real thing and it’s totally rational to be furious when the beautiful flowers you paid for don’t show up.

Of course anger is justified, but it doesn’t actually solve the problem you’re currently facing. To solve this particular issue, you’ll need to put your anger on a slow simmer and make some phone calls.

Step 1: Call and Notify the Company

If you sent flowers to someone and when they arrived they were inferior, notify the company right away. Sometimes this is all that is needed to straighten things out and have a new delivery sent over right away. Every company has bad employees at times, so it makes sense that you might be the recipient of someone parting gift on their way out of the door.

Reputable companies tend to make things right, or try very hard to do so at least. If there was a mistake and the company tries to fix it right away, take the solution that is offered, but do be sure that your have a choice to voice your concerns. Flowers that show up a day late are not much better than flowers that show up spotty and dying.

Step 2: Involve Social Media

If for some reason, the company delivering your flowers isn’t interested in refunding your money or making the situation right, push back. First ask to speak to a manager, and if you still are being stonewalled, take your complaints somewhere that they will get some reactions – online media.

Warn your friends away from the company. Share your exact experience online through the consumer websites like PissedConsumer. Post directly to the company’s Facebook or Twitter account so that other customers can see that you’ve had a problem.

A tactic like this can generate an almost immediate reaction from the company if they care about their customer base online. Even if your situation gets fixed, the messages you’ve posted can live on forever online, so don’t start a public announcement campaign until you’ve tried other solutions first.

Step 3: Consider Court

Most floral orders are too small to be worth much in court. If you’re talking about a $50 arrangement, you would spend more on fees than your flowers were worth. But if you spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a large event, it may be worthwhile to bring the issue up in court to try and recoup some losses and expose a fraudulent company for what they are publicly.