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Scentsy car freshner ruined 2 covers on my dashboard

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Fresh scents around your home are one of the things that make it unique and welcoming. There are countless ways to freshen the air in your home or office – plug in air fresheners, burning candles, melting wax, or simply spraying a fragrance. One of the most popular companies specializing in air freshening products today is Scentsy, a direct-sales company. But while you may know someone who sells Scentsy, there are some frustrated sellers and customers who think you don’t know all that you should about the company and its products.

1. The fragrance wax melts….everywhere.

The way most Scentsy products work is simply. You melt the scented wax in a warmer and the smell freshens the air. The wax is sold and delivered in packages set up as a series of cubes. To use a particular scent, you break off a cube, melt it and enjoy the fresh scent.

The process is simple. In fact, it’s so simple that sometimes the process starts without you according to Pissed Consumer Twil. She claims the Scentsy cubes are very susceptible to heat. In fact, they melt almost immediately on the burner. So that means that it doesn’t always take a warmer to warm them up.

Twil is among other customers who complain during the summer months that their Scentsy products are melting without them! When customers open up the package of Scentsy items they have ordered (and paid quite a bit for), they find a mess of melted wax that is almost completely unusable. It’s not hard to see why some faithful customers are thinking about holding off on new orders until the cooler months of the year.

2. The Scentsy car freshener changes more than your car’s air quality.

The car fresheners that have come free with certain orders or have been ordered in their own right have been causing some problems for certain Scentsy clients. The air fresheners are shaped as a ring designed to be hung in your vehicle. In fact, there is small print on the package reminding you that the product must be hung up!

Why do they insist on hanging the product? Because it will melt your car otherwise – at least this was the experience of one Pissed Consumer reviewer! As she found out, if you place the air freshener on your dash rather than suspending it, the oils and chemicals in the fragrance circle will actually soften and eat away at your car’s dashboard.

Another frustrated customer actually followed the instructions and hung hers only to find the string broken, the melted circle on the dash and a big problem in a car that was not even a year old.

3. Scentsy sellers have problems, too.

It’s perfectly natural to get frustrated when you’re trying to get an order in and your Scentsy seller is delayed. You’ve spent your money and now you want your product! It’s easy to blame your representative for problems like this, but bear in mind that sometimes they have problems, too – with delivery.

According to an anonymous Scentsy seller, the company has been known to let items and sometimes full orders fall through the cracks. You can imagine the frustration the seller feels when a thousand dollar order vanishes in the system and never gets filled.

According to another anonymous reviewer, sometimes these sellers are involved in turf wars, feuds over locations and sponsors and even occasionally a friendship or business relationship will be damaged by orders that aren’t filled in a timely manner. Of course, for as many frustrated users, there are many others who praise the company and the products. Like many things, sometimes experiences vary by user!