Father’s Day is almost here! Just what do you want to get your dad this year to show him how much you care? As hard as gift-giving already is, it’s more important than ever to get this right – there are entirely too many worthless presents dads received last year. Let last year be a guide for your gift-giving this year. According to the number of complaints at PissedConsumer.com, there are 11 gifts you should definitely avoid this Father’s Day.

SEIKI Digital TVs
Electronics can be a bit skittish, but they shouldn’t be this crazy. When a television only turns on after you unplug it, plug it in, and then unplug it again…and plug it back in, you’re wasting your time. Not to mention the possibility of a serious fire hazard!

Telebrands Pocket Hose
They look so cool. A compact hose that fills and expands to accommodate your gardening needs. It’s too bad they are essentially a giant waste of money. The hoses have been known to spring leaks and in some cases spring large holes.

Sammy Fishing Rods
One big consideration for buying a Father’s Day present is that it arrives. After all, how can your dad enjoy his new fishing pole if the one you bought him online never shows up? We may never know, because last year some fishing poles simply never made it out of the warehouse. Payment certainly did make it out of the bank, however.

Trophies from Trophy Depot
“World’s Greatest Dad!” How cute is that? A trophy ordered just for your dad to show him just how much you care and to make him truly feel like number one! Of course, if your trophy arrives saying “World’s Greatest Dud” you have a problem – a big one.

Albertson’s Bakery Cake
We get that not every cake is freshly baked. There are plenty of stores that decorate prebaked cakes for big occasions. This year, however, hopefully your local grocery store can double-check to be sure that the wax paper has been taken off the cake before they start icing and decorating it.

A Smoker from Home Depot
It can be hard to get things just right for a master barbeque chef, but even if you buy an electric smoker and he decides he’d rather have gas, you’d think the store would respect the amount of money you spent in the store and not trying to jerk your dad around when he makes an exchange.

Tools from Menards
Tools make a great Father’s Day Gift, but only if they work. Imagine your dad’s frustration when he tries to use the new air tools you got him only to discover that one doesn’t work at all and the rest are all spitting oil at him. What a mess!

Tires from JC Whitney
Buy three and get one free! A child who buys his father new tires for Father’s Day is really doing a good deed. Tires can be very expensive, and they get even more expensive when the company you’re ordering the tires from tries to bait and switch you. Buy the tires on sale? Oops! They are out of stock…but try these more expensive ones instead!

Dinner at Golden Corral
Countless buffet surfaces gleaming with delicious food – what could be more delicious for dad this year? How about countless dirty buffet surfaces holding moldy strawberries, old food items and other not-so-enticing things? It’s not surprisingly how quickly things like dirty forks and bad food can diminish what could have been a nice afternoon meal with Dad this year.

A Gym Membership at Troy’s LA Fitness
What do you get the dad who works out? Why a personalized fitness towel! That way when he goes swimming at the gym, he will always have a little something that’s meaningful from you. Or he would have it if it hadn’t.

A Watch from Jomashop
Gifts need to be returned for any number of reasons. It may be that your dad simply doesn’t like the style of the watch you picked out, or it may be that he’s encountered serious medical conditions and doesn’t need a new watch anymore. Regardless, you’d think a shop would be willing to help a customer rather than making a stressful time even worse.