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Congratulations! You just bought a refrigerator! Or perhaps a new top-of-the-line washing machine! New appliances are terrific fun. They are fresh and clean. They work beautifully. They don’t have any grunge from daily use accumulated just yet. If only they could stay this perfect forever!

Enjoying New Appliances

But sadly they can’t. New appliances are often put right to work, which means the shine of newness may fade, but at least you have the knowledge that your new energy-saving appliances are doing just that – saving you energy, saving your money and you can look forward to long years ahead without any stress or worry since that major appliances is essentially brand new.

Or at least you should be able to enjoy peace of mind.

Unfortunately, sometimes you can’t.

Breaking Your Appliances

Imagine your surprise when you open your semi-new refrigerator one day and discover a crack on one of the pretty glass shelves. The shelf hasn’t even been used enough to get dirty yet, but it already has a crack! And then you notice another one. On a different shelf.

Your refrigerator is barely been in use for a year and there are cracks on virtually all of the glass shelves. Now, you could understand if there was a problem with shelves that you’d been using for heavy items or perhaps you put a hot dish on a cold shelf and saw a crack after that. But this isn’t that.

You’ve put dangerous things on your shelves like lettuce. Milk. Perhaps a package of shredded cheese. Certainly not anything that would destroy an almost brand new appliance!

Problems Without Solutions

Fortunately, that new refrigerator came with a warranty, right? Not a big enough one it turns out. You would have needed to buy the extended warranty and even then it may not have been enough to help you very much.

It’s not just refrigerators that can cause problems – at least you can still put things on your cracked shelves (just not heavy things). If that brand new washing machine breaks, however, you’re out of luck. There isn’t much you can do with a broken washing machine except wait for someone to come and fix it.

And usually those fixes don’t come cheaply. You’re going to be paying top dollar to fix your top-of-the-line machine. Which shouldn’t even be necessary since it’s supposed to be of such great quality. What’s even more frustrating is when you buy the extended warranty to cover just this sort of issue only to find out that you’re out of luck there as well since it doesn’t cover EVERYTHING that might be wrong – just the sorts of things that usually don’t. (The ones that are typically wrong are usually never covered fully.)

It simply goes to show that whether you’re buying a washing machine, a refrigerator or even something as mundane as a water heater, it always pays to do a bit of research ahead of time. You may not get a perfect deal every time, but you can hopefully skip the most dramatic problems with a bit of advanced preparation.