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Sometimes take out is the easiest option for a busy day of when you’re working on a limited budget. When you buy take out, especially when you’re buying takeout that you’re buying because it’s affordable, you’re going to expect it to have a few missing elements.

There are no gourmet toppings on a cheap pizza. Your food isn’t going to be presented in a manner worthy of a five-star restaurant. But that doesn’t mean that you should just expect anything less than what you ordered when you buy pizza delivery or take-out.

Bad Delivery

The biggest advantage of ordering pizza is the delivery. When you feel like you just can’t do anything else at the end of the day, you’re going to want to kick back and let someone else do the cooking for you. Even better, you can kick back and wait for someone to bring you the fresh, hot food without having to even watch dishes.

It’s always a shame, though, when things don’t go as planned with your delivery. For example, you might have ordered from your favorite restaurant countless times over the last six years. Today you call up your regular store, ready to place your regular order and discover that there’s a problem. Apparently you live on a side street and that street is no longer in the delivery area for your pizza store.

You speak to the manager and it turns out it’s a corporate decision to cut off your side street. Now, if you lived a block to the left on the main road, you’d have delivery. But being on the side street, you’re stuck without any pizza – for the first time in six years!

Difficult Employees

There are difficult employees as well that you might face in any restaurant. Being faced with a particularly difficult individual while you’re hungry is even worse than it would be normally. If you’ve ordered a meal and you’re waiting on delivery, it stands to reason you might be a bit irritated when your food is late.

But you’ll likely be beside yourself when you realize that the delivery driver has bald tires and can’t make it up the hill that you live on. Now you have to not only get up off the couch, you have to walk outside and down the long driveway of your home to get the food that you ordered to avoid just this sort of irritation.

You might be irritated about the walk, but you can’t blame the company for a driver’s bald tire. You can certainly blame the company, however, when a manager is rude to you about a religious exemption in your food – especially if the company knows about your restriction ahead of time.

If you have a religious objection to pork, for example, when you go to a restaurant or order take-out, you make sure that the food you are eating does not have any port products in it. You might check the menu or list of ingredients. You would ask the employees to double-check the ingredients. You’d make specific requests to avoid pork when you order your food.

If you’ve done this for weeks, perhaps even months, at a restaurant, you’d expect them to know what it is you’re looking for, especially if you’ve been able to order the same thing every time with no problem.

But the time there is a problem, it’s a big one. After requesting no pork products, your food comes back with a large chunk of bacon down in the bowl. You call the manager over and point it out and rather than being polite and offering to prepare you another dish, he is flat out rude to you and requests that you leave his store. Perhaps it’s not religious discrimination, but it’s certainly a problem.