There was nothing good I can say about Bellevue Squire Red Robin

There are some restaurants that are permanent additions to our childhoods – the sort that have been around and been good for decades. There is nothing sadder, however, than when those restaurants start to go downhill.

The family restaurant you’ve been visiting since you were a child was always somewhere you could order a good hamburger and enjoy friendly service, good food and an overall decent experience. It’s extremely frustrating to go back as an adult and discover that the good service and decent food you remember from your childhood doesn’t seem to exist any longer.

A Family Favorite

When a restaurant is billed as casual dining and family favorite, it should be a pretty straightforward experience. You go in, you wait for a table, you’re seated, you order, you enjoy! Easy!

You’re not in a casual dining restaurant waiting for award winning food. You’re not looking for a black-tie experience. You just want a good burger and reasonable service!

Unfortunately these things can start breaking down almost immediately. When things are going to go badly, it’s almost obvious right from the start.

The Bad Dining Experience

You walk into the store. The greeters are very busy helping others and you anticipate a bit of a wait. You put your name on the list and then settle back to give it a few minutes. After more than a few minutes have passed you start to look around and notice that all may not be as it should.

Tables are sitting empty all over the restaurant for long periods of time.

The greeters are playing on their tablets – not seating guests.

When they do seat guests, they seem to be helping those who came in after you.

After an hour of waiting, you finally get a table. Naturally you’re relieved because you’re thirsty and starving at this point. You look around anxiously for your server.

He’s nowhere to be seen.

You understand he may be busy elsewhere, so you quickly make your selections and then start actively trying to flag down a waiter. None of them seem to be anywhere near you, and they certainly aren’t in a hurry to come and get your order.

After twenty or thirty minutes of this, you finally grab a busboy who is passing and ask him to send over your waiter.

Now you have him spotted! The busboy whispers to the waiter and gestures toward your table. Finally you’re going to get service!

But you don’t.

The server talks to every other table in the section as he makes his way over. He then walks by your table back toward other servers and talks to them.

It’s been another ten minutes of waiting and you’re done.



But not staying.

You get up and walk out of the restaurant. Even the friendly busboy is shocked as you leave when he realizes that the waiter never came over.

Perhaps he is the only decent employee in the batch.

But you’re not going to stick around to find out!