BUYER BEWARE Defective product Lumber Liquidators

Lumber Liquidators - They dont warrantly their products

Lumber Liquidators - Buyer Beware! Defective Products and Even Worse Customer Service

Your flooring is the very foundation of your room. You can have beautiful furniture and elegant wall colors, but without the corresponding flooring, your room is just going to look sloppy at best, or perhaps downright terrible.

There is a lot to be said for buying new flooring. Wholesale prices on flooring may be better than the commercial mark-ups, but quality flooring is still extremely expensive. It makes sense that you might try to skimp just a bit on the cost of floor by using a discount flooring store when you buy your wood or laminate.

That being said you don’t usually have to anticipate some fits and starts as you get started with discount flooring – it’s usually not full price for a reason. Of course, this doesn’t excuse the store from bad sales practices, but it should put consumers just a bit more on alert when making that initial purchase.

Heavy-Handed Sales

When you’re preparing to spend thousands of dollars on a new floor, you want to make a wise, educated decision. You might do some research on your own about some general makes and models, but when it comes time to actually pick out the flooring itself, you’re going to want to talk to the sales person about the specifics of each of the models.

Unfortunately, when you do ask a sales person, you learn immediately that he seems to particular one product in particular. You ask for details and he explains about the nature of bamboo and why it’s a wise flooring choice. He seems so sold on the product you decide it’s the one for you. You spend quite a bit on your order and you ask the salesman what you need to know about installing it.

He tells you nothing special about the installation, so you feel comfortable taking the bamboo flooring home and setting it up with your contractor to install.

But the problems show up pretty fast. The flooring the sales person seemed to love is junk. It dimples when installed and no matter how many times you and your contractor try to work with the flooring, it looks terrible. Frustrated, you put in a few calls to customer service and you learn a great deal in the process – and it’s not a good lesson.

Signing Your Rights Away

It turns out that the invoice you sign when you bought the bamboo flooring signed all of your rights away on the purchase. You are solely responsible for the flooring and if there is any defect it is apparently your issue to deal with.

Even if the store representative told you to nail the flooring, and the box said to nail it, and the website said to nail it – it’s your fault that it dimpled and you should have simply glued it down! No refunds, no exchanges, no help at all.

No matter what you need, there is always a reason the company can’t deliver. The finish coming off? You must have used a cleaning product other than their own! Question about the quality of the material – it’s great quality of course! But if it isn’t, just buy a new scratch remover and you’ll be just fine.

The warehouse send you the wrong thing? Whoops! That must have been what you ordered without realizing it.

The end result is a frustrated customer, potential lawsuits for contractors who got stuck with the product, and a terrible, no good, very bad floor at the bottom of it all.