GameStop - Yelled at...

GameStop - Absolutely horrible customer service!

There are a few laws in retail that we should take time to remember.

1. While not always right, the customer generally should be accommodated if he is making reasonable requests and acting appropriately.

2. Even when you’re having a terrible day, retail employees never have the right to treat customers with disrespect.

3. As a customer, the employee is there to help you – not to be your slave or to suffer your irrational wrath.

Even when someone knows all the rules and how to behave in a store, there are still mishaps. But when they seem to happen in the same store in different parts of the country, it makes you wonder if there’s a problem with one person or with a whole company of people.

Shut Up or Leave!

When you make a choice to work in retail, you’re making a choice to play a game. You’re putting on a mask and slipping into an act every time a customer walks in the door. You’re friendly, smiling, helpful and never in a bad mood.

If you’re can’t play your part, you’re not going to be in retail very long.

Now, there will be customers of all types in your business, but if you sell video games, you’re going to cater to an age group where teenagers are the norm and you should expect typical teenager behavior.

For example, you might be working at the desk when a group of teenagers comes in. You keep your eye on the group as another sales associate helps them, but after a while you start to squirm. This particular group of teenagers is loud.

They are laughing and obviously excited for a friend who is spending hundreds of dollars on video game equipment in your store.

Worse, their loud laughter is making it hard to concentrate on the purchase order you’re filling out.

At this point you have two choices.

The first choice is to ignore the noise. They are getting ready to pay, after all. Since they are the only customers in your store, they aren’t causing a problem for anyone but you and you work in customer service – this is just par for the course.

The second choice is to lose your cool. You might shout at the customers to “Shut up or leave!” While this might feel terrific in the moment, it’s sure to feel a lot worse when your boss finds out and you’re without a job – especially when the would-be customers actually leave. Whoops!

Your Money Is Not Going Anywhere

Of course, there are types of employee behavior that are just as bad, if not quite as shocking and loud. You can face the smirking employee. Let’s say you’ve ordered a game before it’s released. When the game is delayed for months, you go into the store and ask for your money back – it’s better to buy something you can enjoy now, after all.

Rather than just handing over your funds, the employee of the store looks at you like you’re crazy and asks you why you’d want to do something like that? Not only does he talk to you like you’re incapable of spending your own money, but he refuses to cancel the preorder.

He tells you, “Your money’s not going anywhere.”

Very classy, Store Employee.

Once the manager is on the scene, you can bet that you’ll be getting that money back and all of your money in the future is very much going anywhere but here!