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Safelite Auto Glass - safelite autoglass stealing jobs from small companies

Safelite Auto Glass - Claimed to fix chip-made the crack worse.

Chips happen to all of us. If you drive long enough you’ll eventually find yourself dealing with a chipped windshield or a small crack. Fortunately there seem to be countless shops and glass repair locations that can take care of that small chip for you. Or they say they can. It’s a bit more complicated than that in reality.

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When you choose to repair your chipped windshield, you’re going to go with a location that seems convenient and reliable. Since this isn’t something you do daily, it stands to reason that you’d go with a company you’ve heard the most about.

That company is likely the one with most commercials and advertisements. It helps that you’re dealing with a big company that promotes its warranty and guarantees on the quality of the repair job you’re seeking.

Even if you know nothing about fixing windshields, you know that you’re in good hands with such a well-known and established company, right?


Dealing with Broken Glass

Sometimes the biggest companies are the most careless when it comes to actually getting the job done. The company that pledges to fix your windshield and to refund your money if it doesn’t work isn’t necessarily telling you the whole truth.

The real scoop on the company may not be as pretty.

• The glass company may have expanded to the point of being a monopoly in the market. Since they have almost no competitors, they don’t need to worry much about competition or doing a good job. Where else are you going to go?

• The company may keep their own costs low and profits high by overcharging you or your insurance for even the most basic windshield chip repairs while paying their installation techs as little as possible.

• Usually paying only a fraction of the going rate for a windshield tech means you’re not getting the most experienced installers in the marketplace. In fact, you’re probably paying top dollar for one of the least skilled installers to work on your vehicle. Experienced installers don’t settle for something close to minimum wage.

• The glass company looking to bring in new business probably won’t have problems embellishing the truth just a bit. The company may even flat out lie to you or misrepresent themselves.

Let’s say you have a small foreign car with a broken window. You call up the company to be sure they know how to replace windows on your specialty car. They assure you that they do know how to do exactly that, and even better it will only take forty-five minutes to get the job done.

Four hours later you’re listening to the inexperienced installer explain to you that something must be wrong with your car because the window isn’t installing properly and things didn’t go the way they were supposed to.

Now you have a car with a window that resets itself every time you try to roll it up or down. Inside the car you find shards of glass piled into the driver’s seat – not the sort of thing you can overlook when vacuuming up the mess.

There is glass on the floor, the door doesn’t look like it was put together properly and you’re now going to have to drive to the dealer to spend days getting the company to fix the mistakes the company made installing the window.

That warranty that was supposed to help out in situations like this?

Naturally it doesn’t apply.