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Flowers are, of course, traditional for Mother’s Day, and thanks to the simple online ordering and floral delivery services, you can have flowers to your mother without any additional hassles in your day. (Not that you’d mind a hassle – you certainly gave your mother a few as you were growing up!)

You would think that something as common as floral delivery would be pretty foolproof. Sadly this couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to PissedConsumer.com, there have been more than 300 complaints since the beginning of the year. That’s close to four complaints every day!

The complaints include just about everything you think might go wrong. Your flowers never arrive. Your flowers miss the promised delivery date. Your flowers are dead when they get there. You deal with rude employees. You have to pay hidden fees.

Ordering flowers should be a joy. This is a time when you’re doing everything you can to make someone feel good, so why should the experience make us feel so bad?

How bad is it? Bad enough for pissed customers to log more than 3,465 complaints on PissedConsumer since the site was launched in 2006. Total claims during that time total $230,870! That’s a lot of ugly, dead and missing flowers!

Worse, it seems the majority of the complaints are coming from the same companies. Companies like Proflowers, Wesley Berry Flowers, Avas Flowers and From You Flowers are giving all of the local, honest floral shops a bad name. Proflowers alone has 739 complaints totaling about $32,000 in claims from irate consumers. Customers are threatening legal action, claiming they have been actively scammed.

They probably have.

That’s a big price to pay to send someone a bit of happiness.

And you’re certainly not alone if you’re one of the victims!

Frozen Roses

You want to do something nice for your mother, so why not go with the classic – roses? Let’s say you decide to order up a dozen long stem roses in a glass vase. It’s simple, it’s classy, and your mother will be pleased that you thought of her.

But after arranging the delivery and making the payment you get a phone call. It’s your mom and the roses arrived as promised, but they weren’t exactly what you ordered. The order arrived in two boxes – one contained a glass vase. The other contained a dozen frozen roses. That’s right – frozen. Obviously the trip hadn’t gone well for the flowers either because several had been knocked off the stem and others were browning right there in the container.

Needless to say, this was not the message of loving adoration you were trying to send your mother.

Missing Flowers, Missing Manners

Alternatively you can order your flowers and simply never have them show up. The only thing that makes this situation better (read: worse) is when you call and realize that you’ve been had. The customer service department of your floral delivery company must moonlight as clowns.

The first person you speak to apologizes, asks for your contact information and promises a return call. It doesn’t come. The second person you speak to after calling back offers you a discount for your troubles along with a guaranteed delivery date. You ask for an email confirmation of these things for your records and he promises he is sending it now. He doesn’t.

You call back a third time and manage to catch a real winner. He openly mocks you over the phone, speaks to you as if you have a mental deficiency and certainly never offers help. Now you have no flowers, but plenty to stew over.

When It’s Better to Send Nothing at All

Flowers can be expensive, and when you arrange for a premium delivery, you like to think that you’ll be getting something that will wow your mother on the receiving end. Sadly there are times when it may best to not actually send anything at all!

Harsh? Perhaps, but how do you explain spending a lot of money on an arrangement only to have a few puny stems arrive in an ugly glass vase? Or better yet – maybe everything can show up in a big, ugly box that requires assembly!

That’s certainly not what you were planning on, and the ugly, small arrangement looks like you were trying to send an insult to your mother instead of a meaningful arrangement on her special day.

When Mom’s Had Enough

You know you’re in big trouble when you set up a floral delivery and your mom turns the delivery away. Yikes! It might sound that you and your mom are arguing, but the truth is almost worse.

You ordered her flowers and when they arrived they were so terrible and dead that she refused the delivery and requested a new bouquet from the company who was trying to hand them off.

While you have to cheer for your mom in holding her own against some nasty flowers, you can’t help but want to cry with embarrassment. You send your mom something so terrible she sent it back. The company may be to blame, but there’s definitely a black mark by your name as well.

A Floral Scam

Mother’s Day is a fun day to spend with family. It’s a day of celebration and appreciation, which must make it that much more appealing for crooks looking to make a few extra bucks. While there are some excellent online floral companies, there are others that are in the business of making money, not making people happy.

When you order from some companies that are heavily advertised online around the holidays, you might wind up paying far more than you needed to while also dealing with terrible service. Every order form one internet florist includes a $15 fee for delivery.

This fee isn’t for delivery – it’s to line pockets. The floral orders are simply pushed out to local florists and the company keeps the $15. Have a problem with the flowers? The internet company couldn’t care less – they have your money and they simply blame the local florist for the issues.

Isn’t it comforting to know that you’ve not only overpaid for your flowers, but you could have worked directly with a local florist and enjoyed not only more affordable arrangements, but the opportunity to support a local business as well?