There is a lot that can go wrong on a daily basis. We are a nation of consumers, and we like to do what we do best – buy things.

Unfortunately, not all of those purchases turn out as well as we’d like them to. Judging by the sheer volume of complaints on, a great many deals are going sour every single day.

Along those same lines, we have become a nation of skeptical buyers. How do we know we’re making a good call with a new purchase? Why check the complaints of course! It’s no surprise then that there are certain categories which rise to the top of the list when we tally up just how many visitors are checking up on the industry. What is shocking is just how few industries we really do trust.

Furniture and Décor

Who doesn’t love new furniture? It’s fresh and clean. It’s the perfect color. The perfect material. There shouldn’t be a thing wrong with it! But apparently this isn’t true for everyone. Almost 11% of pageviews on Pissed Consumer have to do with furniture and decoration category. Here viewers will find everything from missed delivery dates to broken materials – and hopefully they use the reviews to avoid more of the same!


Cars. Lemons. We all know there are plenty of rotten dealers and rotten vehicles out there, and it seems consumers like to do a bit of research before buying. This not only helps you when you go to buy your own car, but tells those dealers and mechanics that almost 10% of categories` traffic on this popular complaints website is looking right at them.

Auto Financing

As if shady dealers weren’t enough, consumers are checking out just how shady some of the car financing offices are as well. Would-be buyers or those who also suffered at the hands of bad bankers generated about 5% of all categories and subcategories pageviews, near misses and absolute mistakes.

Loans and Mortgages

We didn’t just (barely) survive an economic downturn for nothing! Those who suffered under the changes in banking and mortgage laws and regulations have shared their stories and the rest of us are listening. Just how many people are listening? Pages of reviews on mortgages and loans took more than 5,8% of views among site categories in 2013. That’s a lot of complaints from a lot of people.

Cosmetics and Toiletries

The beauty industry is huge, and with great beauty comes great responsibility. Apparently not everyone is living up to their end of the agreement. Or at the very least, there are a lot of skeptical buyers out there when it comes to expensive cosmetics and toiletries. In 2013, Pissed Consumer logged about 4% of categories views on make-up complaints and reviews. Apparently all that glitters is not gold.

Health and Beauty

Cosmetics rang up a long list of hits, but it’s not along in the scrutiny of the industry. There is apparently a great deal of mistrust in the beauty industry, and we can be reasonably sure that the lack of trust is not unfounded. How do you know if a treatment is going to work? How do you know if that supplement will really make you feel healthier and more energetic? Why see what others are saying about it! 3% of pageviews unite the same idea.

Service Centers and Customer Service

Ugh. You have to call and get help and you’re dreading it. Everyone does, and it’s apparently not uncommon to run into serious trouble with a call center or customer service department. Since there are so many subpar centers, it stands to reason that a great many of us are checking up to see just how bad our calling experience is likely to be. Or perhaps it’s just the people on hold checking in to see what sort of nonsense they can expect when the representative finally picks up the phone again. Either way, not an encouraging thought.

Home Security

Oh, the irony. The one industry we should trust the most makes it on to this list as one that we trust the least. Home security companies have a responsibility to properly install security systems, to check up on those systems routinely and to monitor them religiously. After all that’s what they are paid to do. But apparently we don’t trust our security companies to do a good job keeping us secure, or perhaps this lack of trust is simply us, the consumer, making sure we have the right company for the job.

Appliances and Electronics

We all know how a bad appliance can ruin your day or perhaps even your home. So it’s not a big surprise that we find appliances and electronics on the list of industries we spend the most time checking up on. What is surprising, however, is how low appliances are on the list. We apparently are more irate about potential problems in call centers than we are with the possibility that our washing machine might break at any moment.

Advertisement and Cons

Rounding out the list is a likely candidate. Advertisements. There are so many false advertisements out there, it’s impossible to tell what is real, what is fiction, and what is just a pure scam or con to get our money away from our wallets. This guy, at least, makes perfect sense on this list and it’s comforting to know that someone out there is checking up on and reporting on the myriad of false advertisements in our media today.