Emirates Airlines - Not received proper services

Unfortunately it was Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines - Bad attitude crew head and waitress threatening to get client arrested

In the world of air travel, limitations seem to be increasing considerably faster than convenience or even politeness. In fact, some of the most respectable airlines in the world have fallen a long way from the esteem they once held with passengers. This is especially sad as many of these passengers selected the premier airline intentionally to avoid problems.

Trouble Checking In

Traveling by plane has gotten increasingly complicated over the years thanks to additional security measures. Savvy travelers know to expect some delays and to wear shoes that can be removed easily. But those are minor hassles most travelers are already expecting. The real problems seem to start when you reach the ticketing counter.

When you reach the desk, you have to check in for your flight. Normally the customer service representatives working at the counter are friendly and try in good faith to help you out. Unfortunately it happens that sometimes you run into someone who has had a bad day and decides to keep taking out that aggressiveness on you.

You may find that the woman behind the counter ignores you for a stretch. She might toss your paperwork and credit card back at you as if you had done something wrong by paying for your upgrade. She might tell you one thing and then you find out that you should have been expecting something totally different. For example, she might claim that your name is on top of the waiting list only to find out hours later that she “forgot” to ever put you on it in the first place.

Unfortunate Air Quality

Once you make it on board the plane, it turns out there are empty seats being held. This wouldn’t be a problem except you had requested the seat with more legroom only to find it empty at flight time – why would they deny it to you if not to just thwart you?

A bit peeved you settle into your seat for the flight. At least there is a meal provided, and since this is an airline flying out a country that understands dietary restrictions you have no cause to worry about anything there – or at least you didn’t think that you did. The Hindu meal you ordered has what suspiciously appears to be beef inside. The vegetarian meal next to you is a small pile of lettuce. No beans, no garnishes. Just lettuce. It seems to a shame to think this is the premium meal you paid for with your ticket.

Finally you get frustrated. The trays with the not-particularly-edible meals on them have been sitting in front of you for about two hours. It’s time to have them removed. But when you ask the flight attendant for help clearing them out of the way she snaps at you and tells you to be patient. Two hours is a sign that you’ve been patient already, so it’s only natural when you snap back. Unfortunately, this all but guarantees that you’re going to get absolutely no service at all for the remainder of the flight.

But choices must be made. If you’ve paid for a five-star airline it makes sense to expect at least three-star service. If you’re getting a bad deal, why not raise a stink about it? Maybe something good will come of it in the end.