Conns - Free Delivery Rebate Program - LIES!!!!

Conns - Rebate Problem

Conns - Rebate offer

There’s nothing wrong with a good, old-fashioned rebate. They work pretty simply. You buy something at a store offering a rebate. You fill in the rebate form and mail it off. Within a few weeks, you get a nice check or gift card in the mail in the amount of the rebate.

When you use rebates, you may not save money immediately, but you can count on getting some of it back after purchase. Or you should be able to count on getting it back – with some companies, however, rebates are nothing more than an elaborate scam.

The Delivery Rebate

It seems one store in particular has been having a good time at the customer’s expense using rebates. The furniture and appliance store offered free delivery for items using a rebate form.

You pay for delivery and then you’ll get your money back in just a few weeks after the rebate form is processed. In essence, the store was offering free delivery.

But here’s the catch.

Many people bought appliances and furniture. They paid for the items they bought and went ahead and paid about $70 for delivery as well. They filled out the rebate form as requested and mailed it in.

Then they waited.

Their money should have been refunded in just a few weeks, but it never seemed to arrive. At this point, the story gets very similar for a lot of people.

They never got their rebate.

They called customer service at the company to follow up – perhaps there was a mistake or problem that needed fixing.

When they called, they learned that the rebate forms would take up to ten weeks to process. They were encouraged to be patient and wait for the funds.

$70 may not be a huge amount, but it’s certainly enough to be frustrating!

Those who were waiting for rebates settled in with grim determination to wait this thing out. Ten weeks come and go with no rebate check. Eleven weeks. Twelve weeks.

There is no rebate coming.

They call the customer service department again and learn that there was apparently a mistake with their address or some other “problem” and now they will have to wait awhile longer.

The long and short of it is simple.

There is no rebate coming. The company took their customers for a ride and took their delivery money as well.

Protecting Yourself

Rebates are hard to navigate at times. Since you’re not getting anything upfront, it’s hard to know if the company is going to stiff you down the road on the payment.

Your best option is always to arrange for truly free delivery or a discount at the time of purchase. That way you don’t have to worry about rebates at all.

But if that’s not possible, do at least a bit of research to see if there have been problems with other rebates in the past. If the company is notorious for not following through on rebates, there is no reason to think that they will follow through on yours.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t buy from the company, but at least go in with your eyes wide open.