Zulily- Do Not Buy from Zulily

Beware of Zulily's shady practices

Do not order anything from Zulily!!!!! Scam!!!!

Who doesn’t want to save a huge amount of money online? Everyone knows that there are terrific deals to be had when you shop online, but sometimes those deals are way too good to be true. This is especially unfortunate when it is one of the most advertised deal-finding websites out there right now. It turns out a lot of these particular deals are much more like disasters than anything else.

The Old Bait and Switch

Go to the website in question and you’ll see beautiful things. Pretty little dresses. Gorgeous rugs. Fabulous shoes. It’s all there, and best of all everything seems to be 40 to 60 percent off! What a great deal! It’s hard to not snap these deals up when you see them, but hold off just a minute – do you really know what it is you’re ordering?

Look a bit more closely at those pictures – do they look amazing? Do they even look real? It may very well be that the items you’re considering online have been doctored in the photographs. Everyone does this, of course – who gets a hamburger like the picture, anyway? But being photo-shopped beyond belief can demonstrate that there is worse to come.

So you take a peek elsewhere to see how much the items are selling for on other sites. Your first sign of a problem if is you can’t find the items anywhere else. Your second problem is when you find the items in a wholesale lot for less than the “discounted” price you’re looking at now. That means you’re not saving anything at all – you’re paying more for something because you’re going through a middleman.

Shipping Nightmares

That’s not to say that everything you order is terrible. It’s quite the opposite. There really are great deals online, but it can definitely be spotty at times. Let’s say you do find a decent deal. You realize that you’re probably not saving sixty percent or anything, but you might be saving a little and you really like the sweater or shoes or bookends. You place the order.

The shipping was supposed to be free if you ordered between 8pm and 11pm, but unfortunately the clock just ticked to 11:02, so you’re paying for shipping. Nonplussed, you settle back and wait for your new items to arrive. And you wait. And you keep on waiting. Three weeks later, the package arrives, but you’re missing something.

The item in the box looks good, but what about the things that didn’t make it? Now you have to make a call. They offer to ship them to you, but at this point you’re finished with the whole thing. So you ask for a refund. They assure you it will happen.

But it doesn’t.

So you have to call again. After waiting weeks for your order, the least they can do is refund you the part that didn’t show up! But it’s not going to happen without a hassle. Pretty soon it’s clear.

The website may have a few deals, but they are certainly not worth the hassle of getting them to your door.