Levolor cordless shades--failure prone

Levolor - 6 out of 12 broken within 1 year

unhappy with Levolor cordless blinds

Your blinds may be one of the most appreciated areas of your home – even if you never really think of them. After all, once you have blinds up, you don’t have to worry about people looking into your home or the sun glaring in your eyes.

One thing will make you take notice and appreciate the blinds in your home. That’s when one of those sets of blinds that you count on breaks.

Blinds range in styles and prices. You can buy inexpensive aluminum blinds, expensive hardwood plantation shutters or something in between. As with many things, price usually indicates the quality of the material and the quality of the construction. If you pay less than $30 to cover a window in cheap aluminum, you don’t expect the blinds to last forever – just until they get bent or broken down the road.

On the other hand if you choose to spend quite a bit more on specialized cordless blinds from a well-known company, you would be more than a bit put out if your expensive new blinds broke. And if you really dished out some serious money to put the expensive, high-quality blinds on every window in your home, you’d probably lose your mind when they all started to break one by one.

Broken Blinds, Broken Promises

You don’t normally think of blinds as being at risk of failure. They are simple, they work and you can rely on them – much like that hammer or screwdriver you’ve kept for twenty years.

But when a company tries to make blinds with extra bells and whistles – cordless shades, for example – things can go wrong with the mechanism inside the blinds.

And that’s exactly what’s happening.

New homeowners and renovators are spending thousands of dollars on blinds that should be top of the line. These blinds are custom cut for their home and installed. But when the inside mechanism breaks, the home owners have no choice but to send them away for repairs.

The company making the blinds has offered a three year warranty on their products, but there’s a catch. Every time there is a problem, you have to mail your blinds back to the company, pay shipping and handling and then hang out in your living room or bedroom without blinds on your window.

It makes for a very close neighborhood!

Blind Headaches

Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if one set of blinds broke. But in most cases, it’s all of the blinds. A family might buy blinds for ten windows. Within six months five of those ten are broken and need repair. Give it another six months and there are seven more down for the count. That’s right. Seven.

Two of the newly repaired blinds broke again.

When you calculate $15 to ship off each set of broken blinds, even with the free warranty repairs, there’s no way you’re getting a good deal.

The saddest thing is that maybe you’d have been better off if you’d just bought the cheap aluminum blinds and spent your savings on nice curtains.